Looker 6.12 Release Notes

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Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: May 12, 2019

Release Final & Download Available: May 23, 2019

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see the Legacy Feature Updates and Features by Section below.

Features by Section

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

  • Visualization Improvements

    • Boxplot visualization. Now shows a shaded range between the max and min when 2 or 3 measures are selected. Learn more.

    • Waterfall visualization. Now supports having 1+ measure selected with no dimensions selected. Learn more.

    • Pie visualization. Refactored the pie visualization and added options to control the start and end angles. Learn more.

Platform and Administration

LookML and Development

  • LookML Constants. Constants are a new parameter that can be defined in a LookML manifest file that can be reused in other parts of LookML. Learn More.


  • Removed the Google Cloud Spanner driver. Self-managed instance must implement a custom JDBC driver.

  • Removed MSSQL 2005 as an option when creating a new connection. Existing connections with this dialect will be unaffected.

  • Upgraded Snowflake driver (v3.7.2)

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

LookML and Development

  • Addressed an issue that did not allow a project name change to include hyphens by automatically turning them into underscores. The hyphens are now honored.

  • Addressed an issue that was returning LookML validation errors for filter configurations of a LookML dashboard that was converted from a user-defined dashboard.

  • Addressed an issue that wasn't surfacing the expected LookML validator error when using a measure that referenced a field that was not included in the fields parameter of the explore.

  • Addressed an issue utilizing the liquid _view._name liquid variable in the sql parameter of a derived table returned the LookML validator error " _view is not available in this context."

  • Addressed an issue where a field specified in order_by_field parameter was surfaced in the explore even though it should be excluded by the fields parameter defined in the explore LookML.

  • Added the ability to replace model file names with special characters.

  • Returns an error if a field is utilizing type: time or type: duration and it isn't defined as a dimension group.

Platform and Administration

  • Addressed an issue where a markdown homepage wasn't loading when utilizing an IE browser.

  • Addressed an issue regarding PDT rebuilds returning the error: " java.io.IOException: Timed out waiting for copy job to complete"

  • Addressed an issue that was displaying more than two decimal places for data that doesn't have more than two decimal places.

  • Addressed an issue where invalid SQL was being generated due to SQL column names containing capitals in them.

  • Addressed an issue with updating the underlying field of a dashboard filter that comes from a view that is joined with an alias using the from parameter still returns an error via the content validator.

  • Addressed an issue with utilizing a median custom measure returned the following error: "SQL Dialect "redshift" does not support Symmetric Aggregates with percentiles, field ignored."

  • Addressed an issue where the LookML validator was returning an error message, Unknown Access Grant for Model even though the access grant was properly defined in the model.

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I know that I could just wait and see… but any insight into what these additional options are would be appreciated!!

LookML Constants

Excited to see what these entail!

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Let’s just say there could be smiles around how you can now adjust angles.