Looker 6.10 Release Notes

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Awesome! Immediately more useful now 🙂

Are there plans to have the Table-Next as a ‘Data Table’ option for formatting in email sends? Would be great for viewing tables on smaller screened devices…

Going on several years now of wanting this feature so I don’t expect it will be on the near term vision. Thanks for checking though have not heard back yet.

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You’re right that it’s not explicitly on the roadmap right now— However, a general redesign of dashboards and filters is, and this feature is being discussed as part of that. You’ll be the first to know!

Hi Arielle,

I understand the Table-Next Lab feature is currently in the Experimental stage. This is a feature our clients have been asking for, but before I enable this Lab I’d like to find out how likely will this become a permanent feature? I’d hate to enable it for my clients if it’s not going to be available for them in the future. (kind of like giving a little kid a toy he’s always wanted then taking it away from him 🙂 )

Hi @clupton92592, the table feature is here to stay! It’s currently in labs because we are actively developing new features on it, so you may notice some updates over the coming releases. Out of curiosity, which part of it are your customers interested in?

My clients are very interested in the subtotals. They’ve been asking for this for quite some time now. Thanks!

Hi Arielle!

Any on the ability to transpose rows and columns?

Really looking forward to this feature.



Hey @Brad_Kohlmeyer,

Yes, transpose is now available in the new table visualization!