Looker 5.8 Release Notes

  • 7 February 2018
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Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: February 11, 2018

Release Final & Download Available: February 26, 2018

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below.

Notable Features

Turn off order by in API Queries

Sorting a SQL query can be costly to performance on certain databases. We’ve introduced the capability to turn off the order by clause when creating queries via the API or downloading queries for users who want to avoid the extra pressure a sort can put on their database.

Features by Section


  • Turn off ORDER BY in API Queries. Introduced the option to turn off sorts for downloaded and API queries for users on Hive-based databases.

Platform and Administration

  • Replaced the Delete button with the Disable button on User Management page to reduce the risk of accidental user deletion. Learn more.

  • Fixed a bug with the see_user permission in closed system configurations. Non-Admin users on closed systems with the see_user permission are now able to see all looker users rather than those in their same user group.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

  • Fixed a bug where Merged Results negatively affected the Filter-Listener modal.

  • Fixed a bug where resizing Dashboard Tiles changed layouts.

  • Fixed a bug with monotone line charts.

  • Fixed a bug where URLs were not updating when merging results.

  • Fixed a bug where Dashboard Tiles were not reliably updating after being edited.

  • Fixed a bug with Table Calculations on Merged Results.

  • Fixed a bug with sorting by Day of the Week in Explore.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in lost progress in Custom Filters upon hitting enter.

  • Fixed a bug where dashboard LookML was generating with filters out of order.

  • Fixed a bug where Dashboards could be saved with no title.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Delete Dashboard modal.

  • Fixed a bug with stacked series visualizations on merged results.

  • Fixed a bug where filter suggestions remained blank after typing.

  • Fixed a bug where the map visualization did not move upon filtering.

  • LookML and development

  • Fixed an issue with High Sierra that interfered with smooth scrolling in the IDE for users on Safari.

  • Fixed a bug where the LookML validator could not be run on the view uncommitted changes page.

  • Fixed a bug where Liquid variables caused incorrect URL encoding.

  • Fixed a bug where User Attributes were not correctly populating in sql_always_where.

  • Fixed a bug with filter_expression and Liquid rendering.

  • Added git validation for branch names upon creation.

  • Content Management and Discoverability

  • Fixed a visual bug on the homepage with clipped heart icons.

  • Scheduling and Downloading

  • Improved error messaging around SMTP issues for admins. Learn more.

  • Fixed a bug where certain characters in CSV titles were incorrectly escaped.

  • Edited the API documentation for user_for_credential to include oidc.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dashboard scheduler modal was inaccessible to the owner of the Dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug with the set_role_groups API endpoint.

  • Fixed a bug where scheduler modal was visible to embed users without the save_content permission.

  • Fixed a bug where embed users were unable to download PDF and PNG files.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some schedules to fail.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error when running asynchronous queries via the API.

  • Added a quick navigation option for embed users to access the Shared space when saving Looks and Dashboards.

  • Dialects

  • Fixed a bug where SQL did not display available tables in SAP Hana.

  • Platform and Administration

  • Fixed a bug where certain user Groups could not be edited.

  • Fixed a bug with incompatible text types in MySQL and HyperSQL.

  • Fixed a bug with embed user external_group_id generation.

  • Fixed a bug with the Edit Role menu.

  • Fixed a bug with the Add Accounts dropdown menu.

  • Fixed a bug with the Show Tables button in the connection menu.

  • Fixed a bug where User Groups could be mistakenly created without a name.

  • Added the ability to scroll through curated admin sidebar.

  • Added jgit logging capability for admins.

  • Content Management

  • Fixed a bug where admin sidebar helper text was incorrect.

  • Added an informational tooltip to Admin content sidebar.

13 replies

Saw the bullet point:

Fixed a bug that caused some schedules to fail.

Any color on what kind of bugs thst is pretty vague. For example we encountered bugs when printing merged results or some with printing reference lines where the area blacked out part of the visualization. Are either of these covered by that bullet point?

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Sorry for the ambiguity @dgroman1988. That particular issue was related to intermittent schedule failures that produced a Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction error. The export format (PDF, CSV, etc.) wasn’t really relevant to the failures, and they didn’t apply to printing from an explore.

Thanks @cutler, does this also resolve the problem where scheduled downloads of PDFs give an error like: Uh oh. “Target page generated a JavaScript error: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: module” ? All of our users’ pdf scheduled exports have been failing in 5.6.

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Oh no, that’s no good @Don. I ran a few searches and haven’t been able to find any issues with the same error message. Additionally, to the best of my knowledge all of our internal instances have been successfully processing schedule content (certainly all of my scheduled PDFs worked in both Looker 5.4, 5.6, and Looker 5.8), so I suspect there’s something somewhat novel going on on your instance.

Do you mind reaching out to help.looker.com or hopping on chat with some additional details so that we can get things sorted out for you?

Uh oh, ok will get in touch w support today.

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For anyone following along at home, we’re currently thinking the issue @Don was experiencing was related to some custom visualization JS issues

It was indeed! Looker support was able to find that a file in the test folder called looker_stub.js was causing the problem. We were able to remove that file and still leverage all the nice custom visualizations. Thanks for the lightening-fast assistance!

“Fixed a bug where Dashboard Tiles were not reliably updating.” I have a user defined dashoard that I logged a bug with as it won’t update and will only display 100 rows. Is this now fixed?

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That issue was where after editing a Dashboard Tile it would still display the old data, charts, etc. until you left edit mode on the Dashboard. I’ll update the original post to clarify it was related to editing.

The one you’re referring to is the issue you spoke to Romain about this morning? That issue is related to how scrolling works on table visualizations. We’ve been discussing ways to address it recently and are continuing to investigate, but I unfortunately can’t speak to any quick fixes at the moment.

Thanks Carter! Do you have any solution I can use, that will reset the dashboard? I can’t seem to get this dashboard unstuck as it will now only display 100 rows.

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We couldn’t find any work arounds that you could implement this time, sorry to say it @pmccabe

Hi guys,

my Find & Replace in Project seems to have stopped working post upgrade to 5.8.4. I can Find okay, and enter a replacement which shows the change it will make in all the files, but the confirming it the replace by pressing the green Replace button does nothing. (Select all and Select none work as expected).

Is this just me, or a bug in the release?


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There was a bug in earlier builds of Looker 5.8, but should be addressed in Looker 5.8.5+. The download link you received should now point to the newest patch.