Looker 5.4 Release Notes

  • 30 November 2017
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Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: December 3, 2017

Release Final & Download Available: December 18, 2017

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below

Several Legacy Features that were previously disabled have now been completely removed. Please see the Legacy Feature End-of-life Schedule for more detailed information.

Legacy Feature Removals

Notable Features

Jump to File

LookML developers can now easily switch between LookML files within a given project from the IDE, making LookML development a faster, more seamless experience. Need to work quickly switching between Model and View file? No more searching - a quick command + J brings up the search function to help you navigate to the next file in seconds.

Features by Section

LookML and Development

  • Jump to File. It is now possible to search for LookML files by name from within the IDE. Learn more.

  • Example Datagroups. Added example datagroup parameters to newly-generated projects. Learn more.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Content Validator Performance. Decreased time for complete validation in Content Validator.

  • LookML Dashboards Space is no longer displayed in the Browse drop-down when there are no Dashboards in the Space.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Dashboard Tile Defaults. Changed default size and placement of new Dashboard elements to make editing multi-element Dashboards easier. Learn more.

  • Lookless Dashboard Conversion. Improved usability of Dashboard conversion modal.

Platform and Administration

  • Clarified Connections page. Updated the Connections page to make it more apparent that the Maintenance Schedule applies to both Persistent Derived Tables and Datagroups.


  • Fixed issues where MySQL, Snowflake, and MariaDB drivers had elevated file system access.

Scheduling and Downloading

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Dashboards and Visualizations

    • Added a more informative error when a Dashboard Tile’s Explore changes.

    • Fixed an issue where the Reset Look link on a Look was broken.

    • Fixed an issue where Scatterplot X Axis Values could be wrong although the tooltip was correct.

    • Fixed a bug where tile legends were showing in the wrong place with timeline visualizations

    • Fixed a bug where editing a Look and saving didn’t return the proper filter value

    • Returned the Run button to the Filter bar in Embed.

    • Fixed a Dashboard bug that could occur with null date filter values.

    • Fixed a charting bug where a donut multiples would work in the edit modal and then break on the dashboard.

    • Fix an issue where tiles without titles on Dashboards obscured the gear menu on the tile.

    • Fixed an issue where a tile would not update after changing the title.

    • Fixed an issue where option+click on a legend item didn’t restore the rest of the legend items to the chart.

    • Fixed an issue where tiles without titles on Dashboards obscured the gear menu on the tile.

    • Fixed an issue where white spacing on bar and map visualizations expanded on dashboard tiles.

    • Fixed an issue where pivots weren’t showing in the correct order in the table viz.

  • Explore

    • Fixed an issue where filter bar won’t open when clicking on “filter” in the field picker or the filter dropdown when the dimension is included in the query.

    • Fixed a bug where contains() Looker function did not work for ’

    • Fixed a bug where the back button didn’t work in embedded Explore

    • Fixed an issue where pivoting single tier dimension created an infinite loop error that rendered browser unusable.

  • Downloads and Scheduling

    • Fixed an issue with downloading Dashboard as CSV that caused a 400 error.

    • Fixed an issue where you could create, but not execute, a schedule even without model access to the Look.

    • Fixed a bug where users could not schedule or download a dashboard that contained a single record visualization.

    • Ensured that All Results download option is not available on Dashboard Tile menu for unstreamable results to avoid download errors.

    • Can download csv from dashboard even without PDF Dashboard Labs feature enabled.

  • LookML and Model Development

    • Fixed an issue where users can’t use “create model” if they’ve already clicked it and navigated away.

    • Fixed a bug where Native Derived Tables would not generate the full SQL for a query and break Looks.

  • Platform and Administration

    • Fixed an issue where homepage tiles weren’t loading if default color scheme.

    • Renamed the Integration Hub the Action Hub.

    • Ensured that changing a user attribute breaks the cache.

  • Content Management and Discoverability

    • Fixed a bug where the Favorites heart appeared on LookML Dashboards, even though they cannot be favorited.

  • Dialects

    • Ensured that BigQuery cost estimation remains when relevant and disappears when not.

    • Fixed a bug where Druid Query fails if hyphen exists in data store name.

7 replies

Where is the link to the download?

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Hi @dpsindler,

Would you please visit us at help.looker.com or come on chat and we can help you with this!



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For customer-hosted instances, JAR download links are distributed via email to Technical Contacts on an instance at the end of the release period. These usually go out around midday pacific time, but there is no set time the email will go out.

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Just an update for you @dpsindler, we identified an issue with downloads and won’t be distributing the JAR link today. If all goes well with the fix the email should go out on Monday. Sorry about the delay.

Looks like https://docs.looker.com/relnotes#release_5.4 could use an update, though!

(This is the in-app link from the menu, from 5.4.12 - the actual URL in the app is https://looker.com/docs/r/help/help-release-notes#release_5.4 but it forwards you on)

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Hey @Alex_HUDSON,

Thanks for highlighting this. I will get our doc’s team on the case.



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Sorry about that @Alex_HUDSON, the docs page is updated now. The update was done, but got a little backed up in our final approve and merge process.