Looker 4.6 Release Notes

  • 19 January 2017
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Release Rollout Begins: January 22, 2017

Release Final & Download Available: February 2, 2017

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

  • Scheduling and Downloading

  • Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Content Management and Discoverability

  • Dialects

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see the Legacy Feature Updates and Features by Section below.

  • Removed Zero Fill for pivoted dimension drills.

  • Nulls in pivoted measures sort last regardless of sort order, dialect, and content type.

Notable Features

Parameterized Content

Simplify monitoring, alerting, and updating users by tying Dashboard and Look filters to User attributes. A single dashboard can be tailored for each of your sales representatives based on names from your CRM or sales region. Update engineers and product managers on open issues based on assignee from your issue tracking service or routinely update your support team on their individual issues needing follow up.

Multiple Schedules per Piece of Content

Dashboards and Looks can now have several unique schedules, allowing you to schedule the same piece of content at different intervals or to different recipient lists. Send reports daily or weekly based on need or to different regional groups to ensure they’re received during business hours. You may even want to schedule visualizations to your team and CSVs to a webhook, S3, or SFTP for safe keeping.

Features by Section

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Multiple schedules. Added the ability to create multiple schedules via per piece of content from the schedule modal. Learn more.

  • Larger scheduled result sets. The schedule modal now has SFTP and webhook options, to which users may schedule Look results. An “all results” option is available in cases where query results may be streamed. Learn more.

  • Improved Inline Dashboard emails to improve legibility and visual consistency.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • User Attributes in Filters. Added the ability to associate User Attribute values to filter values, allowing for parameterized content. Learn more.

  • Increased scrolling speed when dragging dashboard tiles.

  • Improved rendering of map data by updating the mapping library.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Redesigned Save Look modals to improve Space browsing and navigation.

  • Faceting for Top Content. Filter and sort Top Content by Group to explore what matters most to you and others.


  • Amazon Athena. Introducing support for Amazon Athena. Learn more.

  • BigQuery Standard SQL is now a fully supported dialect.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where embed users could see explore pages without the explore permission. Users could not navigate to the embedded explore page, but could view it if given a URL with embedded explore access or devise one themselves.

  • ⚡ Removed Zero Fill for pivoted dimension drills.

  • Fixed a caching issue that could lead to results in browser not matching those scheduled and downloaded.

  • Fixed a broken link from the Content Validator to to Spaces.

  • Fixed an issue where users on BigQuery connections could not Refresh Tables & Tables in the SQL Runner or Create View from Table from the LookML generator.

  • Sorting issues.

  • Fixed an issue where a Dashboard could ignore measure sort order if declared prior to pivoting.

  • Fixed an issue related to sorting Table Calculations on pivoted results.

  • ⚡ Nulls in pivoted measures really sort last regardless of sort order, dialect, and content type.

7 replies

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Does the Multiple Schedules feature allow me to schedule a single dashboard with multiple different filter values?

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Sure does! You’ll be able to assign filters to equal User Attribute values, so if I assigned it to filter on first name the scheduled results would be for Carter, Brayden, Zach, etc…

Keep in mind, though, that it’s just a filter value, not true data security. Users can follow the link and remove filters, subject to other data access rules already in place.

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I’m very interested in scheduling a single dashboard with multiple filters, that aren’t necessarily tied to different users. That doesn’t appear to be available in the screenshot above?

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You’re absolutely right @la5rocks - right now the only way to schedule one dashboard with multiple filters is with User Attributes. We’d love to hear more about your use case so we can take it into consideration!

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This is great. My users are very happy to hear that this came out.

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@sam, to use the screenshot in this article as an example, showing a daily and a quarterly delivery schedule. Consider that the filters for the daily send could easily be very different from a quarterly. Yet, what I understand we have now is simply the exact same report delivered at different frequencies and different destinations. While this definitely is useful, I’m very eager to have a filter set associated with each schedule as well, that aren’t user-specific.

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@la5rocks - We are hopeful you’ll be seeing that in the next release (4.8). Stay tuned!