Looker 3.56 Release Notes

  • 22 September 2016
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Release Rollout Begins: September 25, 2016

Release Final & Download Available: October 10, 2016

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention.

Notable Features

Looks Behave as Stand-Alone Documents

Looks are no longer just bookmarked explorations, but now exist as saved documents, emphasizing that they, like dashboards, are content to be consumed.

  • Look pages sport a new look, drawing attention to the visualization and associated details.

  • Everyone with access can adjust filters and data table controls with a lower likelihood of modifying the saved content others experience.

  • Content creators can modify existing Looks directly from the page.

  • To ask, investigate, and answer further questions users can jump to Explore, the place to dive deeper.

Learn more. Quick Tips.

Edit Dashboard Elements from the Dashboard

On-dashboard editing allows users to rename a dashboard Looks as well as modify fields, table calculations, filters, series order, and all other aspects of visualization configuration. Pop in Edit mode and select Edit Original Look and there is no need to bounce between pages.

Features by Section


  • Looks are now stand-alone documents. Looks have been refreshed to focus on content presentation. Some things to look for include:

  • Increased emphasis on the visualization pane

  • A collapsable Details panel, which exposes quick information about the Look including its description, creator, created and last updated times and scheduling and dashboard information

  • On-Look configuration options including scheduling, deleting, and access control

  • An on-Look edit overly, where the query and Look title can be modified

  • Reset Look and Explore from Here links, which allow users to play with the query and dig deeper without affecting others’ consumption of saved content.


  • On-Dashboard Editing. When in Edit mode, users can now modify tiles directly from the dashboard.

  • Added a message on dashboards over 25 tiles informing users that performance may be impacted.

  • LookML Dashboard notes will transfer to User Defined Dashboards after being converted.

Visualizations and the Explore Page

  • Filtering on a dimension by clicking on a value in the results data table or a table visualization now adds that dimension as a filter on the current page rather than refreshing the entire page. This disables such dimensional filtering on dashboard table visualization elements.

  • Added an Unpin from Zero option to allow charts to focus on the area for which data exist rather than showing the full scale starting at zero.


  • Introduced ${EXTENDED}, which allows you to refer to refer to both the object being extended and the extension object at the same time. Learn more.

  • Renamed SUPER* to EXTENDED* for lists. Learn more.

  • Persistent derived tables built in development mode will now always have a maximum persist_for of 24 hours. Learn more.

  • The LookML generator will now add a description parameter to freshly generated view files.


  • BigQuery. Introduced initial support for BigQuery Standard SQL. Includes support for the query size estimator and symmetric aggregates.

  • Impala. Added support for persistent derived tables.

  • DataVirtuality. Fixed an issue that could cause symmetric aggregates to generate invalid SQL.

  • MS SQL:

  • Fixed an issue where a field could not use more than 30 characters.

  • Introduced a static dialect (Microsoft SQL Server 2005) to connect to the deprecated 2005 version of MS SQL.

  • Snowflake. Fixed an issue where certain combinations of date filters incorrectly returned no results.


  • On the Groups page, added the ability to filter on the list of users within a Group.

  • A user’s page will now display the Reset Password link below the send button.

  • Groups on the Groups page are now ordered alphabetically.

  • Users on the Users page are sorted alphabetically, with null user names at the end of the list.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Updated the 404 page across Looker to reflect that the page could be a result of missing content or a lack of permissions.

  • Updated Save, Copy, and Move dialogs that display Space or Dashboard trees to show the Spaces a user may save to.

  • Groups may now be set in an SSO Embed URL.

  • Cursors will now focus on the first field any modal.

  • Fixed an issue where the Look Validator could take longer than normal to return results.

  • Disabled the “Open in Browser” option when the file format is Excel.

  • Fixed an issue where not all subSpaces would load in the Save, Copy, or Move dialog.

  • Fixed an issue where the Get Dashboard LookML explore option did not generate all dimensions and measures.

  • Improved the error message when users cannot move content into Spaces to which they don’t have access.

  • Fixed a series of color picker-related issues.

  • Fixed an issue where secondary, tertiary, and further pivot sorts were not respected on the Explore page.

  • Fixed an issue where inputting text into the visualization configuration boxes could be jittery.

  • Fixed an issue where IE11.0 users could not click on the Choose Field dropdown in the dashboard filter modal.

  • Fixed an issue where start_date and end_date evaluated to null when using the “is on the day” date filter option.

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How do we specify which dialect to use? Is there a switch in the connection setting?

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@ajit You’ll be able to switch to BigQuery Standard SQL from the Connection’s Edit page. It will be in the list of Dialects.