Looker 3.14 Release Notes

  • 6 February 2015
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3.14 Release Date: February 2, 2015

Spaces and Collaboration

  • Look Validator (Labs feature): Check if Looks are broken & find/replace broken or renamed fields in all locations. Use the Look Validator before pushing changes to the model. (see documentation)

  • Home Spaces: Set any Space as your “Home” space by clicking the home icon next to desired Space’s name.


  • Symmetric Aggregates: Allows measures to be brought into a joined Explore. Try it out on individual explores and then enable it via Labs for your entire instance.

  • Tiering, SQL Case & Order By Field

    • Sort Order Updated: sql_case fields now sort in the order they are listed, rather than alphabetically. This will change the current sort functionality; to sort alphabetically in the old way use alpha_sort: true. (see documentation)

    • Tier styling now available: New style: parameter updates how the tiers are presented in a data table. Options are style: relational, style: integer, style: interval, and style: classic (default) (see documentation)

    • order_by_field added: A new parameter to allow dimensions to sort by another dimension (see documentation)

  • Deprecated dow and dow_number in favor of day_of_week and day_of_week_index (see documentation)

  • New LookML Syntax Highlighting

Derived Tables

  • Persistent Derived Table (PDT) admin panel improved to show latest and average PDT build time, table name, and trigger information

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Downloading Options

    • Entire (non-LookML) dashboard can be downloaded as a PDF (Labs feature) (requires PhantomJS to be installed)

    • Data from a dashboard element can be downloaded directly from dashboard

  • Added ability to hide dashboard titles when embedding, using the URL parameter hide_title=true (see documentation)

  • Looker will only update an element’s filter description AFTER query has updated the displayed data

  • Improved messaging in the app:

    • Refined wording of “unknown substitution error” and other modeling error messages

    • Clarified impacts of copying LookML Dashboards to Spaces

    • Add a warning when listening and filtering on the same element, since filter is ignored

Enterprise, Platform, and Security

  • Require “explore” permission to open Looks (note: this may affect users who do not have the explore permission but should be able to see looks) (see documentation)

  • Alternate login - ability to add users by email address when LDAP/Google Auth is enabled (see documentation)

  • Custom S3 backups: specify your own S3 bucket and credentials for backups (default is Looker’s managed AWS account)

  • Increased max connection pool size to 100 from 30

  • BigQuery and Snowflake generator support

  • New database dialect support for Teradata and Xtremedata

General Improvements and Tweaks

  • SMTP error handling deletes mail jobs stuck in queue for more than 7 days and backs off following errors

  • (Running) or (Done) text in browser title instead of favicon icons

  • Fixed Safari CSRF cookie issue when embedding Looker in public websites

2 replies

Downloading option on Dashboards is excellent. Great Job Looker as always!

I see the new feature of scheduling dashboards to be sent via email, coming very soon 🙂

Yes I’ve been looking forward for email pdf’s of dashboards for a long time… Another helpful bit would be an API to download a pdf of a dashboard.