Customer Success Newsletter - January 2023

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Customer Success Newsletter - January 2023

Hello Lookers,


Happy New Year to you, and we are so excited to work with you in 2023! If you or your organization is new to Looker, please attend the Looker Onboarding Webinar. We provide a wealth of information to get you started. 


Customer Insights


Are you passionate about feature requests, cool use cases, beta features, or do you want to give feedback on the Looker product?


Join the Looker Customer Insights program for one-of-a-kind opportunities to influence our planning directly. You will interact with the user research teams, engineers, and product managers.


Latest Release Note Highlights 🎉


23.0- Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes

  • Expanded Dashboard Theming. This feature is now enabled by default and it allows admin users to display and hide dashboard header elements.

  • BI Engine Optimizations. The BI Engine Optimizations feature is enabled for all BigQuery customers that use the BI engine. With BI Engine Optimizations, Looker will generate experimental SQL patterns for certain types of LookML queries that use a BigQuery database connection. These SQL changes are designed specifically to execute faster on Google BigQuery's BI Engine. This feature affects the query runtime and has no effect on query results.


Events and Training


February 15 - Looker Onboarding Webinar

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