Purpose of Beyond BI?

  • 14 April 2021
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I registered for the Beyond BI event thinking that I was going to get some insights on developing solutions using Looker, but it seems like it was essentially a sales presentation for a few Looker Partners and the Marketplace. I failed to see much value in seeing what COULD be done with Looker rather than how to actually do things. Most of us in the development community are familiar with architecting solutions so I don’t feel that this provided much value.

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Hey @jBalesteri! The purpose of today’s Beyond BI session was to give an overview of how others use Looker to build custom data experiences and workflows, to show what can be done. Tomorrow there will be roundtable sessions where you will  have the opportunity actually turn on your video, chime in to share + ask questions, and learn some specific development tips/tricks. 


The Beyond BI event is intentionally more high-level, that’s why this community group was created - to go deeper into these topics, and learn how to actually do things, and then practice those new learnings!


We’re having our first Platform Developers meetup on May 20th, and this will be much more detailed and “how-to” oriented. I hope you’ll join us for that!