Can't edit a Custom dimension created as a Group

  • 22 September 2022
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I can’t edit a Custom dimension. I don’t know how to report a bug in Looker so I hope a dev can read this...


Seen in looker 22.14.45


How to reproduce

Start a new explore.

Pick any field of your choice, and create a “Group”. For instance: “test if is test + group any remaining value as Other”. Save.

When creating the dimension


Edit this new custom value. Here is a small bug:

  • expected: we used to have the simplified UI that let you edit the group (same as what we had during creation)
  • current: we see the basic code editor, with “case(when(matches_filter(...)))”
When editting the dimension


Then change that code, for instance replace “Other” with “Other2”. Save. Re-edit. Here is the incredible bug:

  • expected: we should see the new code that we just saved (Other2)
  • current: still the initial code


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