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  • 16 April 2021
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Hey Platform Devs! 

Just checking in to say THANKS for this morning’s fun Q&A session and to share the official Notes/Mural/Artwork from the Beyond BI event yesterday.


I think it’s a pretty cool (and functional) souvenir to have beautiful notes from the talks. We’ll be working to get the recordings available on demand soon, but feel free to drop your own notes here if you want to share them or ask questions and I’ll make sure to get them answered. 


If you haven’t checked out the API activity for this month, take a look! We’ll be coming together again in May to talk everything Looker API and you’ll definitely get the most out of our meetup if you’ve played around first :)



Over and out! See you soon 🚀

(ps: join this group if you haven’t already to become part of the community!)

Skander— API Platform For Data
Izzy— Data Experiences from the Ground Up
Azmat— Marketplace


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