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Hey hey,


Great fun this morning! Really appreciate all the good questions and seeing everyone.


Carrying back the answers to a few questions that required research:

Q: When is the 4.0 API going to be “General Availability” (GA)?

A: We’re tentatively targeting to move 4.0 to GA by the end of 2021.


Q: Can we get API endpoints for [Ip Allowlisting, Boards, Alerts]

A: Alerts is being actively worked on, we expect delivery some time in Q2.

Boards is released as part of 4.0, and can actually be used in 3.1 with the “Homepage” endpoints.

IP Allowlisting doesn’t seem to be scoped for work at this time.


@Jamie Friday I took a quick look at the API explorer to see if queries run were showing up in the admin panel, and they do show up as expected. I reckon you were just hitting an endpoint that doesn’t run SQL queries.


Drop any more questions you’ve got that didn’t get answered (or that I forgot) and I’ll get to them :) Thanks again!

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Thanks for the follow-up Izzy!

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Hi all!

Thanks @izzy for the interesting session yesterday.


In terms of the Looker API, I’m currently exploring the Looker Extension Framework, setting it up for our own looker project and creating simple tabs, with different dashboards embedded in each tab.


I’m now trying to create some filters outside of a dashboard, for which I’m using the Looker UI components. 

But I can’t seem to find examples of using the API to communicate between those filters and the dashboards, embedded in the extension framework. 


Does anyone have some examples for me to take a look at?

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Hey Mathias,


Sorry for the slow reply, I missed this message. 

There’s a codesandbox example of updating filters on an embedded dashboard that sounds like it’d be helpful here, check that out.


I walk through the creation of it in a talk I recently gave also, if that’s useful too:


Basically, you’ll use the embed sdk to communicate with the dashboard— Not the looker rest API or anything extension specific.



See if those examples point you in the right direction, lemme know if you’ve got more questions!