Separate integrations(Slack, Google sheets, Segment, etc.) with different permissions

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Currently, it’s possible to either enable all integrations or none.

Our use case is that Slack should be enabled to all but Segment only to the marketing team, Zapier to certain power users and Airtable to a certain group.

As it’s all or nothing then we can’t start to use all integrations we want due to data protection, risk of screwing up the data and unnecessary confusing to all users.

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Actions actually should be able to be accessible on a user_attribute basis but there’s currently a bug preventing it from working as intended. We’ve prioritized it highly and are actively working on it.

When working as intended, it doesn’t prevent users from seeing all integrations, but prevents them from accessing them.

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We’ve fixed the issue preventing user_attribute based authentication for actions. It’s still not the truly built-in experience that would let you do group/role based visibility of certain actions, but it will prevent any “risk of screwing up the data” at least!

Should be present in 7.12.