[Partner Block] GA4 Installation Issues

  • 21 January 2022
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Hello Everyone,


Can anyone help me with an apparently buggy installation for the GA4 block?


When I want to re-install the GA4 block, I get the following error:

Could not install listing: /looker_data/modelshare/bare_models/marketplace_ga4.git already exists


My leading issue was that I lost all GA4 sub-directories, view, model files, the load, after I deployed the project to production using Looker’s UI. Therefore I deinstalled, i.e. deleted the GA4 model configuration and its respective project. I did this a couple of times. The latest working version I got after installing the block outside of Development Mode. 

I am incredibly clueless. Could anyone help me on this?

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1 reply

Apparently the communication between Git(lab) and the Looker instance is not functioning properly. Continuing from my issue above, I created a “dashboards” directory in git and synced it with Looker. In the Looker UI it does not show the directory. My model file does not recognize the directory either (i.e. the code does not “see” it either). But when I try to create the directory, Looker tells me it already exists. 


I feel this is an issue between Looker and Git(lab), rather than GA4.