Issues running Henry with self-hosted Looker

  • 19 December 2019
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Hi @jax - I’m really interested in using Henry as part of my Looker management, but running into some issues. We host our own Looker instance locally, so I’m having difficulties storing the config file and authenticating. Has this use case ever come up before? Thanks!

3 replies

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Henry has it’s own category now, so I split this out from the main thread into a standalone question.

Could you elaborate more on the issues you’re running into? Nothing springs to mind as a generally known issue with running Henry against a self-hosted Looker, outside of potential networking issues if you’ve locked down access to the Looker instance.

Just getting back to this now - I’d appreciate any help! I’m not truly a developer so I’m not even sure if I’m setting any of this up correctly. I have a file named ‘config.yml’ saved in a directory; the file contains:



host: <url_to_looker_instance>

id: <API3_client_ID>

secret: <API3_client_secret>

Then, in a ipynb file in that same directory, I run ‘!pip install henry’ and that goes fine. Then, if I try to run “!henry pulse”, I get a bunch of errors the first of which is ‘socket.gaierror: [Errno 8] nodename nor servname provided, or not known’.

Is there a 'henry setup for dummies" resource anywhere?

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I think this could be related to your use of ipython notebooks, found a similar issue here…

I’ve heard whispers that there’s a full refactor of Henry coming down the line very soon that should make troubleshooting a lot easier.