Google Sheets Export is missing chunks of rows

  • 7 October 2020
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We’ve been using the Google Sheets action to export looker data on a schedule to google sheets. It’s been fantastic. Unfortunately, we’ve been realizing sometimes Looker will skip a large number of sequential records on the export and we have a ton of blank rows in Sheets. Anyone else experiencing this?

For example, there’s one job that exports about 85k rows of data to sheets…however today it’s missing rows 42k through 44k. The data is missing, it’s not just pushed down. When I “send test”, it replaces the data with all 85k rows.

The source data comes from bigquery, and no one touches the destination sheet (no filtering and no other worksheets in that file).

It’s really starting to affect my stakeholders’ workflows since there’s missing data. Help!

0 replies

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