Can we export 2 different Dashboards into a single PDF file ?

  • 21 April 2021
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I'm not sure my ask is feasible or not !!!

What I'm trying to achieve is to display all the list of dashboards we having in our lookml dashboards into a new dashboard. And from there User can select the checkboxes to choose the dashboards, then by clicking Export button, it should export the selected dashboards into a single PDF file and each dashboard should display in separate page

Is there any API or 3rd party Customization can be implement through looker ?

Please feel free to share your ideas & experience here to achieve this.

Thanks in advance


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1 reply

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I think it’s feasible. I’m not super familiar with working with PDFs in scripts, but high level you could probably just use the `render_task` endpoint to generate a PDF for each dashboard, then merge them using whatever your language of choice’s equivalent of something like `PyPDF` (a Python library for working with PDFs) in your script.