Virtual Looker Office Hours 1: Dimension groups, common database and Looker errors, Numbers, floats, and ints, and missing Dimensions and Measures

  • 29 June 2016
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Here’s the first Virtual Looker Office Hours

This is our first recording of the Virtual Office Hours, thanks for those that joined and asked questions. The resolution of this recording isn’t great and the audio has an echo 😢 , we’ll be sure to fix this in the next recording!

Here’s the minutes of this office hours:

00:00 Housekeeping

01:30 Intro to Lead Analyst of Looker Support, Nicole Beyer

03:30 Dimension groups

09:00 Common database and Looker errors

18:00 Numbers, floats, integers

27:00 Missing dimensions and measures

38:00 Looker 3.50 sneak peek

Huge thanks to my guest @nbeyer!!!

Also let us know if you have any feedback or need further clarification on things we’ve covered this office hour.

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