The purple is gone :(

  • 2 July 2020
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It was just a matter of time for the nice purple colours to go away in favour of the boring white and blue.

Does it mean that the UI of Looker itself will also change? Right now the colours are great and balanced, I don’t even want to imagine when, all of the sudden, Looker UI is basically white.

Can you guys confirm what’s going to happen?

3 replies

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I think you said it well, Dawid- it’s only a matter of time. I haven’t heard of any specific short term UI plans, but it’s safe to assume changes are coming.

Rather than simply hoping that everything stays the same, let’s focus on which aspects of the current UI are most impactful. Is the purple/grey theme the best part, or are there other UI elements you love?

I am a little afraid that Looker will be more like Data Studio. So everything will be bigger, slower, and much less readable, especially with no contrast in used colors. Recent trends are quite obvious - paddings, margins, and font sizes are increasing, so soon, instead of being able to see 30/40 metrics/dimensions in the Explore without scrolling, we will be able to see 10.

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Sam, the colour scheme of Looker is one of the best out there in the BI world. Everything else is like @Kamil said - too big, the colours are not thought through, etc… I mean even this Community is too bright for me already.

I’m also worried about everything getting big in the UI rather than being sleek as it is right now. There’s a reason why Looker became popular even though when it comes to features and visualisations, it was never a pioneer.

I also don’t like the fact that just because Looker was bought by Google, it had to basically be stripped of its “personality”. We all now that Google Data Studio was a huge failure, at least in my eyes, but trying to rebrand Looker so it looks like Google actually developed it is just sad…