[RSVP] Data Explorers Guild: Data Curiosity— Tuesday July 28

  • 8 July 2020
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The Data Explorers Guild is a group of data enthusiasts that meet virtually each month to learn from one another, share experiences with Looker and data, and explore fun datasets in a collaborative environment. Join us for an hour of interactive data-driven fun & education with your fellow data explorers. All are welcome!

🕵📈 🕵️‍♀ Hey Data Explorers! 🕵️‍♀📈 🕵

The Data Explorers Guild is back 🎉

I’m excited for this months dataset (FAA data) and for our first user presentations of the guild. This month’s theme is “Data Curiosity”— That’ll be what we discuss, will shape our viz challenge, and will be reflected in the user presentations. If you’ve got questions about data curiosity, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

We’ll be meeting again on Tuesday July 28 at 3PM PDT (Americas) and 3PM BST (EMEA).

You must RSVP below to receive videoconference details and data access


  • Speed Networking

    Pair up with 2-3 other Data Explorers for 5 minutes to connect, network, and chat about data/Looker

  • Visualization Challenge

    This month’s dataset is FAA data, available at https://explorersguild.cloud.looker.com/ for those who have RSVPed.

    Please explore the data before the event, and try to save 1 or 2 key insights you’d like to share with the group. During the event, we’ll invite folks to show what they discovered and we’ll explore together.

    RSVP’ing will also grant developer access to the model.

  • User Presentations

    We’ll have our first actual presentations made by users like you this month.

    • In the AMER session, Matt Marshall and Clayton Goggill from Even Financial will be speaking about their Custom Homepage initiative.

    The sessions will be specifically designed to spark further conversation, so make sure you’re taking notes 🤓.


You must RSVP in order to receive videoconferencing details and data access. Invites are not sent immediately, so be patient 🙂 .

Interested in speaking, presenting, or being the subject of an AMA session? Click here!

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