[RSVP] Data Explorers Guild: Data Culture round 2— Tuesday August 25

  • 13 August 2020
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The Data Explorers Guild is a group of data enthusiasts that meet virtually each month to learn from one another, share experiences with Looker and data, and explore fun datasets in a collaborative environment. Join us for an hour of interactive data-driven fun & education with your fellow data explorers. All are welcome!

🕵📈 🕵️‍♀ Hey Data Explorers! 🕵️‍♀📈 🕵

The Data Explorers Guild is back 🎉

We’re changing the regularly scheduled programming and shifting the “Science of Visualizations” to next month to make room for some more conversation on Data Culture and Curiosity that was sparked from last month’s meeting. If you had questions or thoughts you didn’t get to share last time, bring them again!

We’ll be meeting again on Tuesday August 25 at 3PM PDT (Americas) and 3PM BST (EMEA).

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  • Speed Networking

    Pair up with 2-3 other Data Explorers for 5 minutes to connect, network, and chat about data/Looker. Sometimes, there’s secret Looker employee easter eggs you might run into 🙂

  • Visualization Challenge

    The next few months of Data Explorers Guild meetings will all use the same dataset, to give folks time to really dig in: The long-awaited live COVID dataset. I wanted to wait until there was less hysteria around COVID before encouraging folks to explore the data in the Guild, but I think it’s a really important dataset to check out to understand the world around you.

    Get the data at https://covid19response.cloud.looker.com/embed/dashboards-next/51. You don’t have the same privileges you do on the explorersguild Looker instance, so make sure to bookmark explores rather than saving them as looks or to dashboards.

    Please take some time to explore the data before the event, and try to save 1 or 2 key insights you’d like to share with the group. During the event, we’ll invite folks to show what they discovered and we’ll explore together.

  • User Presentations

    Stacy Lansey is the Data Science Analyst at Warby Parker. She rolled out Warby Parker’s Looker training program, and trained over 100 of their Looker users. She’ll be talking about her take on building a data culture and sparking curiosity about data.

    If you have an idea for a presentation on Data Culture, no matter how big or small, let us know!

    The sessions will be specifically designed to spark further conversation, so make sure you’re taking notes 🤓.


You must RSVP in order to receive videoconferencing details and data access. Invites are not sent immediately, so be patient 🙂 .

Interested in speaking, presenting, or being the subject of an AMA session? Click here!

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