Product Announcement: Introducing new in-app tutorials & onboarding guides

  • 27 January 2022
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Product Announcement: Introducing new in-app tutorials & onboarding guides
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Rolling out over the next week, Looker is introducing new in-app onboarding guides! 


These onboarding guides are developed with the Business User/ Analyst in mind. They’re meant to guide users through key aspects of Looker so end users can quickly ramp on Looker basics.  


We’ve designed these guides to be an integrated part of the Looker experience - seamlessly walking users through the homepage, dashboards, and explore pages. Here’s an example of what this experience will look like for Looker users. 









We’re gradually rolling these guides out to all non-embed users on version 22.0+ by Friday January 28th. These guides will display to any user that is brand new to Looker, but can also be easily accessed by our new Resource Center logo next to the search icon. 




  • Q: When will I see these guides? 

    • A: You will see the Welcome guide once as a brand new business user - once you click through or dismiss it, it will not reappear. These guides will always be available via the Resource Center on-demand, but will not automatically appear more than once.

  • Q: Will these guides also be available on mobile devices? 

    • A: No, these guides don’t appear on mobile, but we may add this functionality in the future. 

  • Q: Can I control what guides end users see? 

    • A: The guides are not customizable - they’re designed by Looker to guide new users through steps that will help get the most out of Looker. As an admin, you can use the In-App Guides setting to disable guides - note this will turn off all in-app notification, as well as Product Updates and the ability to give feedback through the Product Idea? Button. 

  • Q: Are the onboarding guides available in other languages?
    A: Not at the moment, but we may add translated guides in the future.

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