[PARTICIPATE] Data Analytics Anthems

  • 26 March 2020
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If you don’t want to read my bored musings, skip to the bold part near the bottom. It’s fun, I promise.

Hey Good Lookers,

I imagine most of you around the world are all adjusting to the strange new world of working from home and trying to maintain some kind of normalcy in the age of COVID-19. If there is any way that I can help make your lives or jobs easier, please DM me and I’m happy to help. Here’s a fun little diversion that might help you regain a little bit of your regular sense of community.

My favorite of our Looker company values is what we call the Kitchen Table. It isn’t just about a table, but rather refers to cultivating an atmosphere of open and participatory learning. Everyone should always feel able to “sit down at the kitchen table” next to anyone else and participate in whatever discussions are going on, learn from their peers (even if that peer is the CEO), and teach what they know.

The Kitchen Table, or “KT” is also a real physical table in every Looker office, and I’ve seen Virtual KTs spring up on video chat over the last few weeks of WFH, which is awesome. This community is also the Kitchen Table, and it’s even more inspiring than ever to see new users and regulars interact to share their respective knowledge as peers. This is a special place. Without knowing it, you might have even had your question answered by our founder, or the engineer who wrote the feature you’re asking about, or someone who has used Looker since before I could grow facial hair.

I’ve been sitting at my own Kitchen Table for the last few weeks working from home, and despite all the video chatting I’ve realized something big is missing— The thing I actually kind of miss the most about the Kitchen Table is the constant background music curated by all my coworkers. We have a constantly running playlist that people are always dropping new songs into, and it serves as the backdrop for all my best dashboard building and data modeling (and bad dancing).

I always thought I had great taste in music, but it turns out it was just my coworkers and I’m tired of listening to the same songs over and over. I’d be willing to bet some of you are nodding your heads right now in agreement, actually missing that one song Bill always plays that you thought you hated but turns out you could really go for right about now.

~If you didn’t want to read my bored musings, start here~

So I decided to create a collaborative Spotify playlist to rekindle the magic of the community playlist in the office, but way better since it’s with the entire community. Anyone with a Spotify account can add songs!

Some ground rules:

  • Don’t delete other people’s songs. This is a collaborative experiment and everyone should feel safe to share.

  • Don’t post songs that are, ya know, a little too NSFW. We’re all adults, but please use your best judgment on what kinds of songs are reasonable to play “in the office”.

  • DO post as many or as few songs as you’d like.

  • DO feel free to post a comment on this thread with your choices or your favorite song. Or give a shoutout to someone else who posted something great.

  • DO post weird stuff! I tried to kick it off with an eclectic blend of songs, so don’t feel like you need to conform to any genre or mood. Whatever helps you analyze data 😎.

  • DO share this far and wide with your friends and networks! The more the merrier.

  • DO Stop working, turn up the volume, and dance. These are crazy times.

7 replies

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PS: There’s kind of a Looker meme of playing the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black in the office on Fridays. If you see that song on the playlist tomorrow, feel free to delete it. That’s the one exemption from the no-deleting rule.

Great idea @izzy!

I’m just gonna find anything house/techno/electronic with a relevant name, just added one called ‘Primary Key’ 😀 🎵

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Just listened through the whole playlist, these are awesome! Keep the songs coming.

Anyone else notice that the Spotify recommended songs are pretty ridiculous?

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^Really hoping that those aren’t user-specific and based on my listening history 😶

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This is great Simon. I cracked up when I got to “Derived”! Perfect vibe for some PDT building.

I think it’s based on a combination of the user’s history and the playlist, these are mine and I haven’t really listened to anything like this since… err last millennium 👴

I reckon since playlist is rather eclectic their model is struggling a bit!

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Digging @akshayajbani’s latest additions. “Shelter” is sweet!