New "Looker Onboarding" Webinar

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Are you a brand new to Looker? Are you an admin, developer, or BI lead? If yes, then we have the perfect webinar for you!


Our customer success team has been hard at work identifying the foundational insights new admins, devs, and BI leads should know in order to ramp up fast. Now, they’ve turned that understanding into an incredibly informative webinar for all to join for free! 


Live in the (virtual) flesh on March 25th and April 8th, dedicated CSMs will be leading this invaluable onboarding discussion and answering any questions that come up along the way.


If this isn’t you but you know others who would benefit, please share the event link!


Check out the North America and EMEA event pages for more info and to register.

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Hey @Michael , could you please share the slides? we were told during the webinar that It will be shared somewhere here but I can’t find it.

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Hey @moaath-1638389640, thanks for the question! I just connected with the folks who run these and they let me know they will be posting the slides, just doing some ‘externification’ :) 


@Michael Is there a recording of this session? Thanks!



As discussed yesterday 24.05.2022, can you share the following here in the event chat:

  1. Deck of the webinar -
  2. Feedback form - which we had no access permission for
  3. Train the trainer deck

Thank you very much! 

@Michael , whether the session will be recorded as the session time doesn’t suits my daytime.

I had RSVP’d and just clicked the Google Meets link and “Someone in the call denied your request to join”.  Nice.

Hi there,


Could I please get the recording for yesterday’s event? I’ve missed it. Thanks.

Hi All,  Where can we find the slides that were presented in yesterday’s session. It was mentioned they will be shared post session but I am not able to locate them yet..

Is there any other webinar on 28th September? if so how do I register it?

Registered, RSVP’d, was on time but I guess the organizers forgot the 28th September webinar...

waiting for the 28th webinar but nobody’s letting me in