Looker Support integrations with Google Cloud

  • 8 August 2022
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Looker Support integrations with Google Cloud

Google acquired Looker in 2020. Since then, Looker customers who also use other Google Cloud products have received support for Google Cloud products and services in one platform, and support for Looker in a different platform.


We're now moving into a new phase of the acquisition, where customers who have Looker and are an existing customer of Google Cloud with Standard Support or  Enhanced Support will receive a fully integrated support experience. This phase of integration will deliver a streamlined service whereby all your queries for both Looker and Google Cloud products can be submitted through the same platform. Therefore, from August 1, 2022, you are able to submit your Looker cases from the Google Cloud Console


Customer Care delivers a secure, powerful and flexible support platform where you can choose the service that is right for you. Whether that’s a fast response, a self-management service or an additional service to enrich your experience, you’re in control!


The three core support services in the Customer Care portfolio are Standard, Enhanced, and Premium Support. Each is designed to address your business needs, wherever you are in your cloud journey. Consult the table below for these services’ SLOs. 


You can also further tailor your support with Value-Add Services that can be added to your subscription and used to help your business make the most out of Cloud. 


Customer Care services bring all the benefits of Google Cloud’s powerful support platform to your Looker workflow. The Looker Support via chat that you know and love will continue to be available. With Customer Care, you’ve got support you can rely on, so you can prioritize what matters most and drive business success.


Customer Care SLOs


4hr response


1hr response


15 min response



For help with how to use Google Cloud Customer Care, follow this guide and watch the video. For more customized help, please reach out to your account managers.


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