Looker 7 - news and expectations

  • 8 November 2019
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As most of you know then Looker 7 was announced a couple of days ago:

Lot’s of great new things coming:

  • New Slack integration

  • Dynamic dashboards

  • Marketplace

  • Multi-cloud hosting

  • Rich development framework

Wanted to know what others mostly expect from it and maybe there is something that you expected, but it’s not planned for version 7?

5 replies

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Really great work to the Looker team! very exciting stuff here!

Personally, I think it would be really cool to have:

  • In-line Python/R cells into reports and dashboards

  • Autocomplete in SQL Runner

  • SCIM/Deprovisioning from SAML

  • Plot annotations (Arrow on a chart that says “On this date, Client A signed up” etc…)

  • LookML for window functions

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Personally what I expected from 7, but there are no news about it atm:

  • Histograms

  • Drop of 5k row limit in some cases

  • Better maps functionality

  • +1 (2 total) SQL Runner autocomplete

  • Better LookML test validation (It happily accepts invalid SQL, doesn’t check for parens, etc)

  • Customizable HTML graph types (it’s OK if beta, just need to make, for example, a thermometer)

  • (edit) - Please enable cc emails on scheduled dashboards! Right now, if I want everyone on executive team to get metrics, they each get a separate email. We’d have much more productive discussions if everyone was cc’d on a single email, so that we could have a discussions.

Trellis mode for most visualization types, please.

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With ability to change any settings for any instance of the graph!