Looker 3.42 Release Notes

  • 10 March 2016
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Release Rollout Begins: March 13, 2016

Release Final & Download Available: March 31, 2016

Notable Features


With the release of 3.42, we unveiled the Lookerbot, a Slack integration with Looker that allows you to bring Looker data into your chats. Learn more.

Drill Preview

Drill Preview keeps users in the same context – on the same Explore page or Dashboard. Users can can then choose “Explore From Here” to jump over into the full Explore experience. Learn more.

Totals Labels for Stacked Charts

Totals labels and silhouettes allow you to enhance stacked charts. Learn more.

Embedded Dashboard API

Embedded dashboards can now communicate out to its parent page. Learn more.

Additional Features by Section

Graduating from Labs!

  • LookML Extensions is no longer a Labs features, and will be automatically available for all instances. Learn More

  • Drill Menus for Visualizations: More details below.

Drilling Updates

Drill Menu

  • Clicking on a drill link now always shows the drill menu. The “…” is used to indicate external links and/or dashboards. Hierarchical and dimensional drills will not display this icon.

Drill Preview

  • Drilling loads the results of the drill in a preview overlay. This keeps users in the same context – on the same Explore page or Dashboard. Users can can then choose “Explore From Here” to jump over into the full Explore experience. Learn more

  • Measures with only one drill possibility directly open the Drill Preview.

  • If there is a problem with Drill Preview, it can be disabled by enabling the “Legacy Drill Behavior” on the Legacy Features panel. Read more about Legacy Features.

Drill Menus for Visualizations

  • Enables drilling into visualizations via the drill menus that expose hierarchical drilling paths and external links. This is now the default behavior and has been removed from the Labs section. Learn more

  • Drill menus on visualizations other than tables, single value, and single record no longer show the “Filter on…” drill options.

  • Drill menus work on pivots in both tables and visualizations.


Table Visualization Improvements

  • Columns can be renamed, including the names of the columns that result from pivoting. Learn more

  • Styles can be applied to tables, including black & white, transparent, and greyscale. Learn more

Totals Labels for Stacked Charts

  • Totals Labels option on stacked column, bar and area charts. Learn more

  • Show Silhouettes option when series are deselected in a stacked chart, a gray bar (“silhouette”) shows the total of all series behind the subtotal of selected series.

  • Important note: row totals in the data table will no longer display in stacked charts.

Map Layers in LookML

  • The relationship between a dimension and a particular set of map regions can now be defined in LookML, rather than requiring each visualization to configure a custom TopoJSON URL. This affects the “Static Map (Regions)” visualization. Learn More

Powered by Looker

Javascript API for Events

  • Embedded dashboards can now communicate out to its parent page. Learn More.

New URL Parameters to Customize Embedded Objects

  • Ability to hide the title

  • Ability to hide the footer

  • Option to redirect an embedded Look to the explore page version by adding /explore to the end of the URL

  • Option of linking to the explore page with the field picker open. Learn more


  • Raised the default number of database connections from 30 to 75 for Microsoft SQL Server, Redshift, PostgreSQL, and MySQL connections

  • Retired Spark 1.3. Spark customers should use 1.4 or higher.

  • BigQuery:

    • Fixed an issue where COUNT with filter on a fanned field was not working

    • Fixed an issue that caused a 500 error when generating tables

    • Fixed an issue where suggest with any text sent up “undefined”

  • Updates to Timeframes

  • hour and hourX now return values in the form YYYY-MM-DD HH.

  • minuteX now returns values in the form YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM (matching the minute timeframe)

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • PDFs and scheduled visualizations will now have darker text for increased readability.

  • Tooltips on charts now reflect custom axis names.

  • Added the ability to set a custom mailer port via Looker command line options (Option is: --default-mailer-port=[port number goes here]).

  • Allow the ability to hover over sections of a chart that are mostly composed of tooltips and still get the tooltip to appear.

  • Fixed a bug where items scheduled to send on Sunday were also being sent on Monday.

  • Fixed a bug in which filter values would duplicate and overwrite one another when adding multiple input boxes per filter.

  • Internet Explorer Fixes:

  • X-axis labels will now appear.

  • Fixed an issue in which legends in charts caused errors when charts were too small.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple vertical scrollbars to appear when only one was necessary.

  • Fixed several issues pertaining to Automagic Heatmaps, in which they weren’t properly loading or reloading with changes.

  • Fixed a bug where adding and removing a note would mess up alignment on dashboard tiles.

  • Fixed an issue where Time Label Format was inconsistent between Explore and Dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where publicly embedded tables were not sortable.

  • Fixed an issue where some queries with No Results incorrectly return as “Query Killed” in SQL Runner.

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@brad glad you found it! I hadn’t linked up the documentation yet. It’s all linked now.