Looker 3.38 Release Notes

  • 12 January 2016
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Release Begins: January 12, 2016

Release Final & Download Available: February 8, 2016

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Dashboards & Visualizations

  • Reorderable Filters. The order in which filters are displayed can now be configured in the Add/Edit Filters modal found in the gear menu on Dashboards.

  • Tiny Charts. Dashboard elements are simplified as they are reduced to allow for smaller-than-ever dashboard tiles that still contain useful information. Learn More.

  • Column Limit Warnings in Dashboard Tiles. Since visualizations constrained by reaching the column limit can produce inaccurate charts, Looker now surfaces a warning inside the visualization panel and on dashboard tiles for improved data interpretation.

  • Charts with pivots or multiple measures with the same value_format now apply that format to the axis tick marks.

Powered By Looker

  • Custom Styling for Embedded Dashboards. Includes background colors, chart colors, font colors, and more. Applies to both LookML and Drag and Drop Dashboards. Learn More.


  • Table Calculation Updates

  • Ability to drag and rearrange table calculation columns.

  • Introducing a new rand() function. Learn More.

  • Table Calculation Names are now required to be unique.

  • A formatting dropdown now surfaces Named Value Formats, offering the most common formats. Formats are applied without typing in functions.


  • Day of Week Start. New parameter, week_start_day, allows setting the start of a week (Monday versus Sunday, for example) for each model. Learn more.

  • Named Value Formats. Adds the ability to name and reference, using value_format_name:, value format definitions. Built-in value_format_name: options include ways to set decimals, percents and financial formats. Learn More.


  • Updated Dialect Options. The dialect picker on the connections configuration now includes specific options for Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse and Microsoft Azure Database. We recommend updating your connections to reflect the correct source to take advantage of future dialect-specific improvements.

  • Basic support for SAP HANA.

  • BigQuery: Project names that include characters like : and . now work properly.

  • Impala: Fixed an issue preventing queries from being killed in some cases.


  • Implemented per-user query throttle to prevent any individual user from overwhelming (and thereby locking up) the database. Learn More.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Added a button to refresh schemas and tables in the SQL Runner and view generator.

  • Save Dashboard to Space modal now leverages the Hierarchical Space Picker.

  • Host URL can now be set via provision.yml file.

  • Fixed an issue causing fields to be missing from generated Dashboard LookML.

  • Fixed Source for Dashboard queries to restore prior analytics in the Usage Panel.

  • Fixed an issue with Excel downloads that caused them to use up too much memory.

  • Fixed an issue with Excel downloads that caused excess whitespace to be inserted into downloads.

Legacy Features

Please note the upcoming changes to Legacy Features to ensure a smooth transition as features are removed. Learn More.

Newly Deprecated Features

  • LookML “decimals” Parameter and “int” Field Type. The decimals parameter and int field type are now deprecated and will display warnings in the LookML validator. Named value formats now offer a more flexible alternative, including decimal formats along with several additional formats like financial formatting and percentage formatting. Please use value_format: decimal_2 or value_format: '0.##' in place of decimals: 2; and type: number in place of type: int. Learn More.

Legacy Features removed in this release (3.38)

  • Old Field Chooser

Legacy Features to be removed in next release (3.40)

Please transition off of these features over the course of the next month prior to your next upgrade.

  • Field Labels Can Override View Label

  • Leading Period in Field Names

  • Upper Case Labels in Downloads and Chart Configurations

  • Send email from looker@looker.com

Legacy Features to be removed in two releases (3.42)

Please transition off of these features over the course of the next 2 months.

  • Default Redshift PDT Distribution Style EVEN

5 replies

Could you elaborate on the newly deprecated feature please?

All numerics should be set to type: number?

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@Rick_Saporta That is correct all numerics should be set to type: number in place of type: int. We have more extensive documentation in the works, but I’ve updated the description to give a bit more clarity.

Where can I download the latest Looker jar file?

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@nelsonenzo I’ve just added you to our Early Access mailing list (other customers can sign up here if interested). Once you’re on that list you’ll receive links to the new releases as they ship.

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Is it possible to disable this warning on LookML dashboard tiles?