Looker 3.36 Release Notes

  • 10 December 2015
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Release Begins: December 8, 2015

Release Final & Download Available: January 7, 2016

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Labs Features:

As of 3.36, Looker has an expanded definition of Labs features. In addition to those experimental features that exist on the Labs page, select features throughout the application will be presented as part of the Labs program to let users know that they are still being considered for additional functionality.

  • New & Improved SQL Runner with an updated interface and the ability to share, download, and explore from SQL queries. This feature will automatically be on for all instances. Learn more


  • Table Calculations for Pivot Rows. Additional functions enabling aggregates across pivot rows, cleaner complex offset computations, and row-level aggregates. Learn more about pivot rows, offset lists, or lists

  • Updated Dashboard Modal. Shows the type of visualization added to increase clarity while building dashboards.

  • Share Public Look as Images. Easily share visualizations as a static image that updates as your data does. Learn more

  • Row Limit Warnings for Scheduled Looks. Items scheduled from the Explore page will include warning in email.

  • Restored the ability to copy/paste table headers from the Explore page.

  • Updated the Make Public Modal to require a user to press Save to enable public links.

Dashboards & Visualizations

  • Dashboard Tiles Now Grey Out on Run. Provides visual clarity on running tiles.

  • Dashboard Stop Button. Displayed while queries are running.

  • Single Value Visualizations Color Setting. Learn more

  • API for Prefetching Dashboards. This will allow Lookers to take advantage of a robust data pre warming system.


  • New Parameter distribution_style with possible values ALL or EVEN. This allows an explicit choice between all vs. even diststyle in persistent derived tables not distributed by key. Applies only to Redshift. Introduces a legacy feature, which preserves the old default of even distribution. 3.36 forward will default to ALL diststyle.

  • Time Fields Now Generate all Timeframes by Default. Previously users specified an enumerated list of timeframes that they want. Users can still specify a list to get a subset of timeframes.

Powered By Looker

  • Embedded Dashboards with User Timezones. Instance allows user timezones and connection is configured for timezones. Embedded dashboards will no longer show timezone mismatch warnings.


  • Spaces now show all subspaces instead of limiting to four.


  • Permissions Updates.

    • Permission Page now reflects Permission Dependencies

    • Users must have the download or download_with_limit permission to download Dashboard PDFs

  • LDAP configuration changes. Now allows an admin to say which user attribute to use for searching. This enables mapping LDAP groups to Looker Roles if using the posixGroup style.


  • Increased DataVirtuality Support. Added support for Symmetric Aggregates and fixes for day_of_week parameter.

  • Increased DashDB Support. Query killing is not yet available.

  • Increased Exasol Support, including PDTs

  • BigQuery. Update for FLATTENS to allow for multiple fields not on same branch of tree

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Looker now supports improved navigation by keyboard keys for greater accessibility.

  • Browser tabs now indicate the part of the app being used on each tab.

  • Fixed an error where Save Look Modal opened with an error.

  • Improved the error messaging when column limit reached for pivots.

  • Fixed a bug causing visualizations to error out inaccurately.

  • Fixed an issue where dashboard tiles gear menus were overflowing the screen and thereby not selectable.

  • Fixed an issue where dashboard element wasn’t reflecting sorting done on the Explore page.

  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Add to Table” on a filter removed the Filter from the query.

  • Fixed a bug where Automagic heat map breaks if join does not include xxx_bin_level in fields parameter.

  • Fixed a bug where the Run button occasionally would not show up on an embedded Dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug where an XLS file didn’t download properly due to excess whitespace.

  • Fixed the Move Space modal.

  • Fixed an issue where saving over a Look added it to a Dashboard twice instead of updating the Look.

  • Fixed a BigQuery bug in which create view from table can’t generate LookML for projects with deprecated project names containing . and :.

  • Fixed a bug where, in an embedded context, users could use hotkeys to open the edit dashboard modal and chose looks modal.

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I think the Release is for January 2016, not 2015 😄

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So true @Dominic_Ricard … edited. Happy New Year!!!

Does this version of 3.36 include beta support for Presto?

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Yes, 3.36 does include beta support for Presto.

Best, Margaret