Looker 3.34 Release Notes

  • 11 November 2015
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Release Begins: November 10, 2015

Release Final & Download Available: December 3, 2015

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  • New Visualization: Interactive Maps. New maps zoom and pan, and are reactive to filter changes. Learn More.

  • Color Improvements for Charts Learn More

    • New series of color palettes that can be used in visualizations.

    • New color picker to assist in selecting new chart colors.

    • Global default color scheme can be applied across the entire instance. Learn More.

  • Ability to Sort by Series in Visualizations. Sort the row total in the table to see the information in the chart displayed in order of ascending or descending row totals.

  • Updated Tooltips for readability.


  • Asynchronous Dashboard Loading. Tiles now load as their data returns from the database, instead of 2 at a time, to aid in faster loading of cached dashboards.

  • More Informative Error Messaging on Dashboards. Dashboard tiles will now display the error that has prevented them from rendering, instead of merely showing that an error has occurred.

  • Removed the ability to change Dashboards back to “Drag” layout. Newspaper layout is now the preferred layout for all drag & drop dashboards.


  • More Granular Scheduling Options. Includes multiple hours, different days of the month, and on weekdays only.

  • Ability to Sort by Row Totals and Table Calculations

  • In-modal Look Editing. Keeps users on the page that they accessed the modals from for increased context in the app.

  • Improved Public Link Workflow. It is no longer required to refresh the page to see the associated public links after marking a Look public.

  • Ability to Issue Queries Without ORDER BY Clause. Looker will not generate an Order By clause if the first field in the table is a cancel_grouping_field and there are only dimensions in the query. This can be used to reduce the size and complexity of a query in certain cases.

  • Improved Suggestions for Filtering

  • Suggestions will now properly populate from a view that is defined using the sql_table_name parameter.

  • Day of Week and Day of Week Index timeframes now suggests days instead of timestamps.

  • See additional changes in the LookML section, including how to make suggestions work with access filters.

  • Updates to Filtering for type: location Fields

  • Added radius-based filtering.

  • Added support for null, not null and -null in filtering. The location field is considered null if either lat or long (or both) is null.


  • New quarter Timeframe. This dimension an be created as part of a dimension group using quarter or as a standalone dimension, using date_quarter. Learn More.

  • New quarter_of_year Timeframe. This dimension returns Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 independent of year and can be created as part of a dimension group or as a standalone dimension. Learn More.

  • Suggestions for Access Filters. Uses a new full_suggestions: true parameter. Learn more.

  • Configurable Suggestions Caching. Suggestions can now be cached for the time of your choosing. Set these on a per-field basis using suggest_persist_for: followed by a timeframe. If no suggest_persist_for is set, the default time remains 6 hours.

Powered By Looker

  • PDF Downloading for Embedded Dashboards. Permissions are configured in the same way as for regular Looker Users and Roles.

  • All Download Types for Embedded Elements. Permissions are configured in the same way as for regular Looker Users and Roles.

  • User Timezones for SSO Embedding. Set the parameter as part of the SSO embed setup process.


  • Expanded BigQuery Support (read the blog post and the nuance), including:

  • Query Size Estimator to help manage query usage.

  • Nested and repeated data supported natively in LookML using fanout_on: parameter. Learn More

  • PDTs to optimize querying.

  • Job Canceling for queries.

  • Generator Improvements, especially for nested and repeated data.

  • .p12 Certificates support arbitrary passphrases and are now uploaded via Looker.

  • Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse Improvements:

    • Persistent Derived Tables are now supported.

  • Symmetric Aggregates are now supported.

  • Hive & Spark: Fixed an error with week truncation.

  • Vertica: Fixed for query killing.


  • PDT Panel in the Admin panel now reflects shared PDTs.

  • Added a URL to the modals in the Query panel, so that you can return to the data about those queries.

  • Updates to the i__looker model & Usage panel.

  • Fixes query most recent run at time.

  • Adds most recent run time.

  • Make user roles into a list.

  • Fix dashboard scheduled task email list (and make sure the dashboard represents the fix).

##General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Scheduled Email Attachments for the iPhone iOS Mail Application. Fixed a bug that was preventing this functionality.

  • Added Text Editor Modes. Set the mode on a per-account basis . Options are vim and emac.

  • Fixed a filtering issue where commas were not properly being escaped.

  • Fixed an issue where some LookML errors were not being caught by the validator.

  • Fixed a bug in which .iqy files were not carrying value format through to the Excel file.

  • Fixed a bug where trying to delete a model with a space in the name caused a 404.

  • HTML Sanitization whitelists are no longer configurable. All HTML specified in LookML is stripped of JavaScript tags and attributes, and all other valid HTML tags are allowed.

  • Looker now supports using an ‘external’ cipher key that is managed in an external file specified to looker on the commandline.

  • This release will also see the introduction of a CDN for our static assets.

  • Improved security for javascript files via SRI Integrity matching for browsers that support this new security feature.

##Behavior Changes

  • LookML Changes that are likely to impact LookML Dashboards created by copying the LookML created by a UDD.

  • You cannot set floats or integers to “” without an error.

  • If a Dashboard’s LookML has the column_limit: set to an empty string (""), the column_limit: is converted to nil.

  • Liquid Templating Changes for All Customers: Javascript in Liquid templates will no longer work as of 3.34. Neither <script> tags or event handlers on elements like onclick or onmouseover will function.

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When are the .jar files released? I thought they were released on the release date above (11/10) but my DBA is telling me that he hasn’t received the link to download the file yet.

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The files are made available at the end of the cycle as indicated by Release Final above – so the 3.34 download will be distributed on December 3.

If you’d like to get access sooner, head on over here to signup for Early Access. This will provide your team with access to the release at the beginning of the cycle.

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Thanks Margaret.

Does the release usually change a lot between the two dates? Are some minor bugs quashed in that time?

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Hi Lawrence – yes we typically have ~10 patches from the start to the final date. The patches are available to download throughout the cycle and I will alert folks if there is a critical patch before the release is final.

If you are able to update quickly, the early releases give you early access to new features – but the caveat is that you’ll need to update periodically throughout the cycle until the cycle is complete. That works for some on premises customers, but others find they need to minimize downtime and potential bugs.

Hope that helps!

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This is a huge release. Huge props to everyone!