Looker 3.32 Release Notes

  • 15 October 2015
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Release Date: October 13, 2015

End of Cycle Date: November 2, 2015

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Visualizations & Dashboards

  • Introducing Newspaper style layout for Dashboards, which allows for some tiles to take up more than one row while others remain on a single row. Also improves ease of dragging and dropping tiles. Learn More.

  • X-Axis density automatically reduces based on available space for a visualization.

  • Updated the Add/Edit Filters modal for easier application of filters to Dashboard tiles. Learn more.

  • Introduced ability to edit filters on a particular tile directly from gear menu. Learn More.

  • Improved responsiveness of filter input boxes on large dashboards.

#LookML & Development Environment

  • Introduced a date_raw field type and raw timeframe, which excludes timezone conversions. Learn more

  • Suggestions now work with one_to_one joins.

  • Improved the speed of the LookML Validator.

  • Made the behavior of type: yyyymmdd the same as type date, which means that timezone conversions will not be applied to it.

  • To minimize load on customer databases, Looker now truncates the contents of pdt_event_log action_data column after 5 days.

  • Fields are now prevented from being both a ‘distinct’ type AND a primary key to avoid errors.


  • Group to Role Mapping for SAML. SAML Authentication setup now includes the ability to assign groups to roles.

  • Custom Backups: Ability to specify a non-standard S3 region.

  • PDT panel improvements: Ensured that we always provide a reason for rebuilding tables and sped up loading time in certain situations.

  • Removed Load Balancing settings unless instance is load balanced.

  • SSO URL generator will use hostname instead of port.


  • Oracle: Generated PDT names may be truncated as necessary to prevent errors.

  • Data Virtuality: Query killing now works as expected.

  • Vertica: Fixed bugs that were causing inaccurate month and year filtering.

  • MSSQL: No longer allow tables to lock during long running queries.

  • Redshift: Improved pivots in database & improved performance of date predicates.

#General Updates, Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Powered By Looker: Embedded Looks now show totals, row totals and table calculations.

  • Scheduled email tables now include gridlines for easier reading.

  • Improved loading time of Explore pages with many views.

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I don’t normally comment on releases, but major props to the product/dev team on the newspaper style layout for Dashboards. So much better. Thank you!