Looker 3.30 Release Notes

  • 16 September 2015
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Release Date: September 15, 2015

End of Cycle Date: October 2, 2015

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Explore Page

  • Table Calculations

    • Date Operations, including ability to subtract dates, extract parts of dates, and return the current date. Learn More

    • Comments, using the # key, can be inserted into table calculation definitions. Learn More.

  • Added Excel Spreadsheet download option.

  • Filter suggestions now pull 5000 rows of suggestions instead of 500 to improve filter performance.

  • Allow for filtering on a timestamp field.

  • Improved Error Messaging.

    • Errors related to fields in an Explore now only appear if relevant to that query.

    • Errors now state whether they are due to a database or LookML model issue.

  • Tables now load on scroll. While the entire result set is still returned from every query, only the visible portion of the table will be rendered in the browser at any given time. This should result in performance improvements when dealing with large result sets.

Dashboards & Visualizations

  • Reference line labels can be formatted. Learn more

  • Scheduled & Downloaded Dashboard Improvements.

    • Table elements in a dashboard pdf will now display the same number of rows in the browser. Learn More

    • Totals will now be included if present.

  • Dashboards & Looks now transfer ownership properly after a copy.

  • Updated the Add to Dashboard Modal.

LookML & IDE

  • PDTs automatically shared between models instead of producing duplicate tables.

  • Added week_of_year timeframe.

  • Generator now writes joins using the sql_on convention instead of foreign_key.

  • Models that only contain hidden explores now appear in the Model Set list on the Roles & Permission page.

  • More useful error messaging when git configuration status has issues.

  • Removed type: composite and type: service_level.

  • ERB templating is permanently removed as a configuration option and removed the template parameter. Liquid templating is enabled for all instances.


  • Support for Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse.

  • Support for partitioned tables in BigQuery.

  • Change in configuration for Impala connections using noSasl (See here.)


  • use_sql_runner permission now does not depend on develop permission to function. Read more

  • Updated the Embed Panel (/admin/embed) to include a URI validator

  • Usage Panel:

    • Updated the query “source” to better account for public and private urls and suggest: queries.

    • Linked public_urls to their relevant look_id.

  • Looker logs now capture stderr and stdout from both the ruby and java layers.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where opening the visualization panel killed a query in progress.

  • Fixed a bug where dates on the x-axis were offset when using the Time Label Format input box.

  • Fixed a bug where time zones weren’t converted properly when substitution operators were used in field definitions.

  • Fixed 2 sql_case bugs:

    • Single quotes in bucket names now work correctly.

    • Numbers as bucket names now work correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where a trailing comma in a set of pasted filter values caused the filters to be omitted from the generated SQL.

  • Logging back in after an auto-logout now takes you back to the page you were previously on.

  • If logged out in an embedded context, Looker will now present the login screen instead of a 401 error if the embed URL has allow_login_screen=true included as a parameter (e.g. /embed/dashboards/123?allow_login_screen=true).

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