Looker 3.26 Release Notes

  • 28 July 2015
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Release Date: July 21, 2015

End of Cycle Date: August 7, 2015

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Visualizations and Dashboards

  • Hide Fields From Visualizations. Learn More.

  • Choose Looks Modal Improvements: Now supports adding multiple copies of the same Look to a single dashboard. Learn more.

  • Chart Specific Improvements:

  • Single Value: Font size adjusts based on page size when on a dashboard

    • Pie Chart: Value labels now available

  • Bar & Column Charts: Ability to order stacked bar charts by ascending or descending values within each column

  • Donut Multiples: configurable series label font size

  • Legends for Cartesian Charts Can Be Right or Left Aligned. Learn More.

  • Reference Lines Remain on Chart When First Series Removed. Note: series dependent reference lines, like min., max, or mean will still refer to first-series values. Learn more.

  • X-Axis Setting Improvements.

    • Force axes to align at zero when negative values are present and no min or max are set.

    • Setting for “Time” on the x-axis now works with only one series.

    • Time label formats are now available for “Ordinal” setting.

Authentication and Security


  • Improved Suggestions for Filter Drop-Downs.

    • Suggestions are now available from joined persisted derived tables.

    • Fixed an error preventing the suggest_explore parameter from working.

  • Added Warning When Downloading All Results. This has been introduced to reduce unintentional user error in downloading overly large result sets.

  • Improved LookML Button Behavior. See LookML button next to the Explore name in the Field Picker now jumps to the corresponding Explore definition in the development environment.

LookML & Development

  • Allow value_format parameter to be applied to dimensions of type: tier.

  • Support custom ports in git URLs. Learn More.

##Administration Panel

  • Query Management Panel. View details of recent and running queries with the ability to kill long running queries. Learn more.

  • Usage Panel Updates:

    • Dashboard schedules are now explorable via a new explore (scheduled_task_dashboard).

    • Derived tables are now available in the i_looker model.

    • Exposed top looks as an element on the Usage Panel.

New Query Management Panel

##Dialects and Databases

  • Hive support now includes PDTs.

  • Snowflake support now includes Symmetric Aggregates and PDTs.

  • Improved memory usage for downloads on Redshift and MySQL.

##General Improvements, Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Updates to Scheduled Emails:

    • Links in scheduled emails will now only be available for measures, not dimensions.

    • E-mails with content larger than the allowed size limits (based on e-mail provider) will be converted to html attachments instead of being cut off inline.

    • Link to explore data in Looker has been moved to the top of the e-mail for increased visibility.

  • History now includes Looks.

  • Fixed an issue with the free-text input boxes in the visualization editor clearing unexpectedly.

  • Right justify values for numeric table calculations in the data table.

  • Provide a useful error when limit of 30K rows with pivoted data is reached. Note: error appears in the .csv file, not within Looker.

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