Looker 3.24 Release Notes

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Release Date: June 23, 2015

End of Cycle Date: July 13, 2015

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Note: All Derived Tables will be rebuilt at time of upgrade.

##LookML & Derived Tables

  • LookML Extensions (Labs Feature). A new parameter, extends: allows developers to build on view and explore files in separate files. This allows for modular, reusable development of models and simplified updates. Learn more.

  • PDT Event Log Moves to the internal Looker database. The persistent derived table (PDT) event log has been moved out of the scratch schema into the Looker database to speed up performance and reduce load on the analytical database.

  • Compound Derived Tables. The SQL definition of any derived table can now refer to any other derived table by using ${view.SQL_TABLE_NAME}. This works with all types of derived tables (persistent and ephemeral). See documentation.


  • Number Formatting in Exported Content. Value formatting will be applied by default in sharable links or spreadsheet URLs. Toggle formatting by modifying the URL. Learn More. See documentation.

  • Table Calculations:. It is now possible to refer to row and column totals in table calculations, when they exist. Use ${field_name: total} and ${field_name: row_total}. Learn more

##Dashboards & Visualizations

  • Reference lines are now available on bar charts. Learn more

  • Elements now reflect filter changes after re-running the dashboard (instead of before).

General Additions & Tweaks

  • Data about SQL Runner queries is now available are now included in the Usage Panel (/admin/usage).

  • Symmetric Aggregates are now supported on Snowflake.

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Looks like a great update! Compound Derived Tables 👍

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Of note: compound derived tables don’t work if the table name begins with a number. Though I guess that’s not best practice anyhow 😉 Took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that out.