Looker 3.22 Release Notes

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3.22 Release Date: May 26, 2015

Note: All Persistent Derived Tables will be regenerated at the time of upgrade


  • New organizational system for Spaces. See documentation.

    • Spaces can be nested to allow for hierarchy.

    • All existing shared Spaces will start from a new “Home” Space.

    • Location of each Space will be expressed by a breadcrumb above its name.


  • User-Specific Time zones

    • Different users on the same instance can operate in different timezones. Learn more.

Note: this feature will affect query results and requires understanding to properly interpret results. The feature should be enabled only when necessary and with proper training for users.

  • Updated Save Look Modal makes saving Looks easier and faster.

  • Ability to access the “long version” of a Look URL Learn more.

  • Table Calculation Improvements

    • Ability to format table calculations using the value_format syntax. See documentation.

      Learn more.

    • New functions now available: floor, ceiling, is_null, and mod.

##Visualizations and Dashboards

  • New Information bar on Dashboard elements will show when the data for the query was returned, if the query was run in another timezone, and the note icon for a dashboard note set to hover.

  • Ability to add Looks to a Dashboard while on the Dashboard. Requires that Looks are in the same Space as Dashboard. Learn more.

  • Chart Value Label Improvements

Dialects and Databases

  • Beta support for PDTs in Oracle.

  • Improved support for BigQuery. Learn more.

  • Symmetric Aggregates are now only turned on for dialects that support it, instead of on a instance-wide basis.

  • Ability to turn off PDTs on a per-connection basis.

##LookML & Development Environment

  • Option to prevent committing with errors Configurable on a per-project basis. Default is “on” for new projects. Learn more.

  • bypass_suggest_restrictions: true can be added to a field, which makes suggestions ignore all users_access_filters restrictions and all sql_always_where restrictions. Learn more.

##General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Back button now returns to previous state of page on first click.

  • ERB Templating is now deprecated. Learn More.

  • Fix for PDT-related “Relation Doesn’t Exist” or “Table Doesn’t Exist” errors.

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