Looker 3.20 Release Notes

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3.20 Release Date: April 27, 2015

Features Graduating out of Labs

These features were in Labs for beta testing in 3.18 and are now coming into product for all instances.

  • Table Calculations: Ability to define calculations on the results of a query from the Explore page. Learn more.

  • Redesigned Field Picker: The field picker now collapses fields by their view and date group, removes uppercase view names from fields, and changes the color of measures. Learn more.

##Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Scheduled Dashboard improvements Learn more.

    • Scheduled dashboards can now appear as inline messages or as PDF attachments

    • All dashboards can be scheduled from their gear or from within a Space

    • Scheduling icon with scheduling information now appears for each scheduled dashboard in its Space

##Development Environment

  • Streamlined Developer Workflow Learn more.

    • Simplified Git options from the main Git button

    • Perform Git actions without losing your place in the editor

    • Each user’s developer mode now correlates to a branch and commits in dev mode are synced with GitHub or your Git service. “Deploy to Production” will update your production environment by merging that branch to master.


  • Liquid conditions in Joins: allows only certain information to be brought through in a join (e.g. a date range) for performance improvements. Learn more. See documentation.

  • view_label: a new parameter used to rename views in joins. Learn more. See documentation.

  • sql_distinct_key - a new parameter for computing distinct aggregates based on a distinct field. Learn more.


  • Paginate and search users at /admin/users

  • LDAP Groups - Instances using LDAP for user authentication can now organize new users according the the groups already existing in their LDAP configuration.

##General Improvements & Tweaks

  • Support for MariaDB

  • Symmetric Aggregates and Persistent Derived Tables Are now available for Teradata

  • Maximum number of column limits is now 200

  • Fix for null vs false values in SQL Runner

  • Minor updates to PDT Admin panel

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Awesome news on the developer branches!

Now if we can just get a configurable webhook so that we can create pull requests through the Looker UI… 😎

edit: nevermind, I think we can do that server side! yeee

@mrosas - is this version available for download yet? The looker-latest.jar link from previous emails still goes to 3.18.15.

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@vmdx I’ve messaged you with download instructions for access to an early release.

For any other on premise folks, we update the looker-latest file at the end of the release cycle (~3 weeks after a release date) which will be on May 14, 2015 for 3.20.

Awesome updates! Any chance you guys could add a feature to trigger a specific PDT rebuild on the PDTs admin page?

@mrosas Could we also get access to the early release 3.20? Thanks!

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