Looker 3.16 Release Notes

  • 3 March 2015
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3.16 Release Date: March 2, 2015

Dashboards & Visualizations


  • Adjustable Row Height - Ability to change the height of rows of elements in User Defined Dashboards. Hover between rows to see an up/down arrow. Drag down to increase the height of the row above your mouse. (see documentation)

  • Notes - Each element on a Dashboard can now have an accompanying text note used to convey information specific to that element. Add and edit the note from the gear dropdown in each element. The note can be displayed at the top of the element, bottom of the element, or on hover. (see documentation)

  • Collapsible Dashboard Listeners - Filters that each element is listening to now collapse if they are longer than 1 line - click them to expand

  • Improved Dashboard PDF Formatting - Includes link to dashboard, footer with time it was downloaded, and Notes

  • Filter Modal Changes

  • The “Apply to Field” in the Listener section of the Dashboard filter creation modal defaults to the field that matches or contains the name of the filter it listens to

  • Listeners can each listen to each filter only once


  • Improved Mapping (see documentation)

    • New built-in postcode maps: SF Peninsula, NYC, Austin, UK

    • “Map Regions” in the visualization configuration modal on the Explore page now accepts non-geographical TopoJSON for map data that has already been projected

  • Formats for Single Value Visualizations - Use new value_format parameter (see documentation)

  • Visualization Editor Updates:

  • Renamed “Percent Change” to “Percent of Previous

  • Renamed “Show View Names” to “Show Full Field Names"


  • Unknown Field Error Handling - Fields with errors do not appear in the field picker in Production mode. In Developer mode, fields with errors will show in the field picker as unavailable fields. This should result in a reduction of “Unknown Field Substitution” errors.

  • “Excel File” download has been renamed “Excel Query File Download” to reflect its true action

  • “Make Public” is now an option in the gear button drop-down on the explore page

Admin Panel

  • Legacy Features Panel - This section shows features that Looker has deprecated and helps users move away from them. Features in this list will vary by a Looker instance’s first version (i.e. older users will see more deprecated features than more recent users) (see documentation)

  • Labs Feature Updates: Symmetric Aggregates and Column Limits have become full features, and will be on for all new users. More details on each of those features can be found here.


  • New Formatting Syntax (see documentation)

  • Looker now uses Excel-style formatting for number and string fields, written with the parameter value_format

  • The new formatting deprecates the following:

    • Printf formatting

    • LookML Field Types: percentage, dollars, and cents

    • Number field parameters: format and units

  • Use Existing Derived Table (PDT) while regenerating - While a persistent derived table is regenerating, Looker will use the previous table for querying. This applies to derived tables using a SQL trigger.

  • Integers for Date Fields - all dialects now return integers for DateHourOfDay, DateMonthNum, DateDOM, and DateDOWIndex

  • SQL generated by LookML now forces dates to type date when a date is explicitly declared as a date. Allows Redshift to use its sort key.

  • SQL generated by LookML now uses relational operators instead of BETWEEN in date equations

General Improvements and Tweaks

  • Shortened URLs - URLs now present in a shorter format, making them easier to share. Note that this does impact the configurability of the URL which may change behavior for users.

  • Preserving whitespace has been reintroduced to the SQL runner results table

  • “Create New Space” Button has moved to the top of the Spaces page

  • Space names are now limited to 100 characters

  • Total Runtime is now an available Measure in the History Table (accessed via exploring elements on the Usage Panel)

  • “Open in Looker” link now works in all Scheduled Looks, even those sent to lists

  • Looks are now alphabetical in breadcrumb drop-downs on the Explore page and Dashboards

  • Aster Dialect Syntax Fix: now uses DISTRIBUTE BY (not ON) in persistent_table definition

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Adjustable Row Height does not work… (for me at least). Nothing appeard when I hover between rows.

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This is a release notes post from Looker 3.16, from way way back in 2015 😁. Back then, the product looked a heck of a lot different than it does now. The word “Row” here is actually referring to the height of tiles, as dashboards used to be built in a snap-to-row format. What we have today is a much more flexible setup for sizing dashboard elements.

It looks like you already posted a feature request for row height controls within a table visualization, so we’ve recorded your feedback there! Thanks for unearthing this blast from the past!

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cool, thnx