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  • 13 October 2020
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It’s JOIN Week!

Starting right now, the JOIN Keynote is live— And throughout the rest of the week, we’ll have breakout sessions available to stream and some live events happening Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

You can get all the content (and watch the livestream if you’re quick) at

Happy JOIN, and I wish I was there in person with all of you 😭. To try and keep a real conversation going, I wanted to create this space to “live-tweet” the event and share all our favorite parts, questions, etc.

Reply here with your favorite sessions, interesting learnings, or anything you’d like— or #JOINData on twitter.

2 replies

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I made an official slack channel too

Invite =>

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Oh sweet! Thanks Mark 🙂 I need to turn on my UNION notifications…

I think slack is probably better for this, actually! See ya there.