Introducing the new Platform Developers group!

  • 15 April 2021
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Introducing the new Platform Developers group!
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Riding the momentum from our Beyond BI event, we’ve just launched a brand new community group designated for all those interested in building custom data experiences with Looker!


The Platform Developers group is a space to go deeper on topics such as APIs, Looker extensions, and embedding. Whether you’re just beginning your journey with APIs or already an extension framework pro - this group will have valuable insights into how to best leverage Looker when building customized data workflows and applications.  


A similar style as our famous Data Explorers Guild, the Platform Developers group will: 

  • Host monthly events where we’ll demo key workflows, answer questions, and share tips and tricks
  • Provide hands-on activities to put your new skills to practice
  • Give you access to Looker experts who will help guide and teach
  • Connect you with other group members to learn from and share with


We already have an API Roundtable event on the books for May 20th, as well as a carefully crafted Platform Developers Activity to kickstart your hands-on learning journey, starting with APIs!


Head over the Platform Developers page and join now!

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