[IMPORTANT] Looker Support Updates during the CA Wildfire Emergency

  • 20 August 2020
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We are facing unique challenges due to the blackouts and wildfires currently spreading near our headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA. We have multiple layers of redundancy for these situations, but it is possible there may be delays or downtime for live chat support during Pacific time business hours. There will be no impact to high severity issues.

The last section of this post will be kept up-to-date with the latest service status.

To our amazing customers,

2020 has truly been a year of challenges and tragedy across the world in so many ways. Nevertheless, DCL has appreciated the extent to which we have been able to stay connected in the literal sense as well as at the human level working together to solve data problems. We are working hard to continue that but are facing some very unique challenges in California at the moment.

For our California based support team that covers 8am Pacific to 6pm Pacific we are facing challenges of wildfires roaring adjacent to our headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA where many of our support team live. Several of our colleagues have already been evacuated.

Furthermore, our state power grid is forced into rolling black outs that leave our homes as places of work challenging to stay connected. At the same time, our reliable office sites are challenging to access safely amidst COVID-19 concerns.

While we are taking steps to mitigate these challenges, we may experience impacts to our live chat service in particular. This may take the form of longer wait times, or even periods of time when we are unable to keep the live service open in U.S West business hours.

What to Expect in the 8am-6pm Pacific time frame

For those of you who can access our live chat service we will post a message in the chat window as soon as we know of any impact and whether it may mean just delays in wait time because part of our team is impacted or if we may need to pause the live chat service until we can regroup in another area.

For high business impact issues we have multiple layers of redundancy to make sure that these issues are continuously worked on to keep your businesses running on Looker as you would normally expect of us.

Please reference the “TERMS OF SUPPORT SERVICES PLANS” here for our severity definitions and how to report Severity 1 & 2 issues accordingly.

Current Support Service Status

Updated 8/24/20 06:39 AM Pacific

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