Google to acquire Looker

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Would love to hear, how the community is thinking about the Google acquire. What’re your thoughts? 🙂

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I find it interesting. Since Google/Alphabet was already invested in Looker, how will this affect the development of Google’s Data Studio product?

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Google buys Looker, Salesforce buys Tableau… soon enough all we will have is Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce.

Not surprised since Google Data Studio didn’t take off, just as Amazon Quicksight. They were both too late to the party… but was hoping that more companies will preserve their autonomy

I’m a bit skeptical and unsure how to feel about this news.

On the one hand it opens up even more potential for Looker and I’m happy for Looker that such a big company shares the enthusiasm and the values of Looker and its team.

On the other hand Google did some questionable (product) decisions in the past from a user perspective.

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@Bastian what you’re saying is even way more optimistic than I do. I never believe in these news about unlocking potential. What potential do you think Looker can’t open up right now? I am genuinely interested : )

Also the buy doesn’t mean Google will share the values and enthusiasm of Looker’s staff, which is risky

First off, congrats! What an accomplishment for the entire organization of hardworking and intelligent people. With that, I’m a bit concerned about what implications has on current software agreements (putting aside the legalize). Also, will Looker continue to be allowed to be hosted on-prem, or do we need to start thinking about a migration?

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I’m cautiously optimistic. Google has made some highly usable products, and from a UX development perspective I think it’ll be great to have that kind of leadership (and presumably the means to move faster than the already-rapid development pace they’ve shown).

What I hope Looker never loses is the collaborative user-led approach to product development they’ve shown to date, and the warm embrace of the community. I really think that’s a big part of how Looker is able to release beautiful products.

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Does this mean we could see LookML adopted across the Google Cloud Platform? That’d be awesome. (Very pie in the sky, I know)

Sisense purchased Periscope just last month, as well. It seems like all of the big players are securing a BI option.

I’m ambivalent about the acquisition since Looker appeared to have everything they needed to advance the product. I just hope Google’s cloud mindset doesn’t mean they stop on-premise deployments. We would have to drop Looker at that point.

Regarding Data Studio,
Looker dashboarding is amazingly slow and clunky by comparison. I’m hoping this acquisition helps enable more Data Studio dashboarding. Maybe a total redo of the in-Looker dashboard features?