GitHub Authentication Changes Made on January 11th, 2022

  • 11 January 2022
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Last update: 06:30, Jan 12, 2022 (UTC)

GitHub SSH connections in LookML projects and new Marketplace installations are working as expected. 


What occurred?   

Due to a 24-hour GitHub brownout on Jan 11, 2022, GitHub connections using SSH in LookML projects and Looker Marketplace installation experienced issues. On March 15, 2022, the new GitHub protocol will become permanent (more information here). 

How will Looker handle the change?  

Looker is actively working on this change. We will provide a mechanism to regenerate key-pairs well in advance of the GitHub protocol becoming permanent on March 15, 2022. Further information will be announced in our regular product communication channels (release docs, in-app notifications) shortly.  


How do I know if I’m using SSH or HTTPS?

You can check to see how your project is connected to git by running a Git connection test from the git action panel to see your remote repository URL. If this URL starts with “https://github” it is configured using HTTPS, if it starts with “git@” it is configured using SSH.

Example showing a connection using HTTPS

What if my repository is hosted by Looker? 

If the remote URL includes llooker then the repository is Looker-hosted. Please follow the instruction in this article to migrate to a repository hosted by your organization.

Please note that while we can grant “read” access to a Looker-hosted repository for a limited time while you complete the migration, we can not change the the connection from using SSH to HTTPS for your Looker-hosted repository, please consider migrating to a repository hosted by your organization. 

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5 replies

Hello, is there any timeline on how long it will take for the SSH updated to fix the issue?

I’ve been on this issue for a few hours.

Why not send a simple email prior to the issue (Or when the issue started?)

Any news?

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Hi all, during the 24-hour brownout, the article was updated 3 times to reflect the current status. Please check the first post in this article for the latest update (latest update: 06:30, Jan 12, 2022, UTC)

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on the issue. 

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Update: This change will require no action from customers with Looker-hosted instances. We are working on a fix that we will deploy to all Looker-hosted customers before March 15th.


Customers with customer-hosted instances will either need to update to 22.2, or update to a new patch version of their current Looker version. The new jars are not ready yet, but we will have more details as we approach the 22.2 customer-hosted release date.