Customer Success Newsletter - September 2022

  • 19 September 2022
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Customer Success Newsletter - September 2022
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September 2022


Hello Lookers,


We hope you are enjoying fall this year!  We have several new updates in our release notes below. Please join us for Google Cloud Next '22 October 11-13 for many Data Analytics focus sessions! Register Now!


Looker Connect Update

All new learning journeys have been published for Data Consumers and LookML Developers in Looker Connect. The new lessons support Looker 22.4.35, have improved audio and accessibility standards, and have been optimized to make sure the learning pace is just right to get up to speed with Looker. 


Customer Insights

Are you passionate about feature requests, cool use cases, beta features, or want to give feedback on the Looker product? Wish there was a way to get more attention for your input?


Join the Looker Customer Insights program for one-of-a-kind opportunities to directly influence our planning by interacting with the user research teams, engineers, and product managers. 


Want to share your thoughts around Looker’s Maps Visualization? We are looking to connect with customers who are using our Maps Visualizations to hear from you about your use cases and discuss what features we should include in our roadmap. Join us on Wednesday, September 28th at 9am PT for a discussion with our Product Management team to share your thoughts.  For an invite, join the Looker Customer Insights program by September26th. 


Latest Release Note Highlights 🎉

22.16 - Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes

  • System Activity - Looker System Activity Explore users can now explore query history context specific to Data Studio applications.

  • Content Navigation for Embed - A new Looker Labs feature Embed Content Navigation controls whether the new embed content navigation is available on an instance. This Labs feature will now default to on, with the option of being disabled. Enhanced content navigation is now available for embedded Looks and Explores.

  • Enhanced Query Admin UI - A Looker Labs feature that migrates the Query Admin UI from Angular to React refreshes the look-and-feel with standard Looker components. In addition, pagination is available, as well as a separate tab for recent and complete queries, allowing customers with large history tables to effectively administer their instances.

  • Query Performance is Now GA - The Query Metrics Explore & Performance Recommendation dashboard is now generally available. For more details, refer to our documentation.


Events, and Looker Training

Looker Onboarding Webinar - September 21

Google Cloud Next '22 - October 11-13

Cloud Roadmap Series - Data Analytics Innovation- October 5


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