Customer Success Newsletter - November 2022

  • 21 November 2022
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Customer Success Newsletter - November 2022
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November 2022


Hello Lookers,


With the winter holidays around the corner, we are busy working on some exciting new developments with Looker! Read on to find out more about Looker Studio and upcoming events.

Looker Studio


Learn about Looker Studio In One Minute, and get the basics! 


For more detailed information, visit this Looker Studio page for benefits, key features, and documentation. To access Looker Studio, see this Help Center Article for instructions.


Latest Release Note Highlights 🎉

22.20 - Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes


  • Connected Sheets is generally available for Google Cloud-hosted Looker instances. Connected Sheets for Looker lets you explore data from your LookML models through the familiar Google Sheets interface. Looker admins must first enable the feature on the new BI Connectors admin page, which can be found in the Platform section of Looker's Admin menu.

  • Legacy dashboards. The Revert to Legacy Dashboards legacy flag has been removed, meaning that you can no longer use the dashboards UI to downgrade a dashboard to a legacy dashboard. The Can use Legacy Dashboards legacy feature has been added to enable users to view legacy dashboards to use the new dashboard experience. For more information, see the Legacy dashboard deprecation - starting with Looker 22.20 (November 2022) Best Practices article.

  • Cookieless embeds. When the Cookieless Embed Labs feature is enabled, browsers that block third-party cookies can authenticate users in the embedded iframe across different domains. Cookieless embed authentication requires server-side configuration. See the Looker JavaScript Embed SDK README for setup instructions.


Customer Insights

Are you passionate about feature requests, cool use cases, beta features, or want to give feedback on the Looker product? Wish there was a way to get more attention for your input?


Join the Looker Customer Insights program for one-of-a-kind opportunities to influence our planning directly. Here, you will interact with the user research teams, engineers, and product managers.

Events and Looker Training


Cloud BI Hackathon - December 6

Looker Onboarding Webinar - December 21

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