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Customer Success Newsletter - May 2021

Customer Success Newsletter - May 2021
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Hello Lookers,


Our May Newsletter is here, and we have some great information to share with you! Thank you for reading our newsletter, and learning about what is happening at Looker.


What’s New?

Are you interested in building custom data experiences with Looker? Check out our Platform Developers Group on our Community Page! 


Did you know that you can get quick answers to commonly asked questions on the Looker Kitchen Table? Search by subject and find a plethora of already answered questions from other customers. You probably aren’t the first person to wonder about that subject!


Latest Release Notes and Highlights

21.8 Release NotesChangelogBreaking Changes

  • Mobile app improvements. Users who open a Look or dashboard link from their mobile phone will be directed automatically to use the Looker mobile app. Looker admins can now forcibly log out users who have been inactive for 15 minutes. Users can now log in to the Looker mobile app using biometric authentication. The Looker mobile app now supports the same 22 languages as the Looker web application.

  • System Activity: Content Usage Explore enhancements. The Content Usage Explore now comes pre-loaded with eight new Quick Start queries to get started with analysis. 

  • API Explorer (beta). Available through the Looker Marketplace, the API Explorer is a beta application that enables users to navigate to relevant API methods and types and to compare between API methods that leverage different SDKs.


Tips and Tricks

Have you ever encountered an error message in Looker and thought “but what does it mean?!” Looker Docs have you covered with a new Error Message Catalog including the top errors encountered, where they happen, possible causes and troubleshooting resources!


News and Events

June 2    June Data Explorers Guild

June 3    BI Innovation for Financial Services

June 22  Beacon Japan

June 23  Looker Onboarding Webinar (check back here for registration link)


New events are posted all the time! To find out what is happening, click here.

See you next month,

Your Looker Customer Success Team


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