Customer Success Newsletter - March 2022

  • 23 March 2022
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Customer Success Newsletter - March 2022
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Hello Lookers,


We have a lot of information for you this month! But, first, don’t forget to register for the Data Cloud Summit at the bottom of this page.


Looker Community Spotlight:  How to manage PDTs at scale with Looker’s new Apache Airflow integration


Read the above community post to learn how to support the scalability of PDTs with the Apache Airflow Integration. This how-to post provides technical steps on how to set this up successfully. Then, respond to the post with any questions or feedback you may have!  


Did you miss the “What’s New In Looker” webinar? You can register to see the latest On Demand version to stay up to date!


Latest Release Note Highlights 🎉

22.4 - Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes

  • API 4.0. Looker API 4.0 is now in general availability and has multiple breaking and additive changes, which promote various endpoints from beta to stable. Read more about these changes in this document. API 3.1 and 3.0 versions are unaffected. Looker and community-supported SDKs will be updated to support API 4.0 GA endpoints.

  • Custom fields permission. A new, more granular permission separates a user’s ability to create custom fields from the user’s ability to make table calculations.


Tips and Tricks 💡

Have you ever wanted to compare one performer and the rest of the team? Sure, you can use separate tiles on a dashboard, but with Liquid, you can highlight one data point compared to the rest! Check out this Looker Community article to learn how!


News, Events, and Looker Training 🗞


April 6 - Data Cloud Summit 

April 6 - Data Cloud Summit EMEA

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