Customer Success Newsletter - June 2021

Customer Success Newsletter - June 2021
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Summer is here and so is the June edition of our customer success newsletter! 


What’s New?

Have you seen our new documentation on  System Activity Dashboards? This doc explains how you can gain insights on the performance of your Looker instance. 


Latest Release Note Highlights 

21.10-  Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes

  • Support for materialized views. You can now leverage your BigQuery or Redshift database materialized view functionality to persist your native derived tables or SQL-based derived tables.

  • Looker Components 2.0.0 is now available. All date picker and data functions are now contained in a new package called  @looker/components-data.

  • Support for new database dialect. Firebolt is now a fully supported Looker dialect, and can be configured using the Firebolt database configuration page.

  • Create extensions from scratch more easily with create-looker-extension. The new command line interface tool, create-looker-extension, allows Looker extension developers to more easily create Looker extensions from scratch by streamlining an extension’s initial configuration to a single command and requiring almost no installation dependencies.

  • New dashboard filter functionality. Users can now reset all filters back to their default state by using the Option+Command+R keyboard shortcut or from the dashboard action menu. Users can also delete dashboard filters without having to open the dashboard filter window.

  • New, improved dashboard error messages. Dashboards will now have more specific error messages on tiles. The error messages will provide context, links to more details, and documentation to help troubleshoot the problem.

Tips and Tricks 

Why are my totals missing?  Even though you’ve checked the Totals box in the Explore, it might be due to the type of field - check out this Community post for troubleshooting tips.


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