Customer Success Newsletter - January 2022

  • 27 January 2022
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Customer Success Newsletter - January 2022
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Hello Lookers,


Happy New Year! We are back with exciting product updates, Community Spotlights, and a pro tip in this newsletter edition.


Looker Community Spotlight: Community Groups


Did you know that we have four Looker Community Groups? These are sub-groups within the larger Community focused on different topics. Find out more about each community group by clicking on the links below. Please join the group(s) you are interested in! 

  • Data Explorers Guild: Data-driven people come together to learn from peers, share experiences with data, and explore fun datasets in a collaborative environment. 

  • Early Access Group: Eager customers can stay up to date on the latest features and try them out before the general population. 

  • Looker Adoption:  Learn about all things Looker adoption, enablement, and change management. 

  • Platform Developers: Nurtures our application developer community - this means a heavy focus on topics such as APIs, the extension framework, embedding, and components. 


Latest Release Note Highlights 🎉


22.0 - Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes


  • Dashboard updates. A new save flow is available from the Explore page, which allows users to include filters on the first query they commit to a dashboard as dashboard filters. Dashboard creators can also now create dashboard filters on fields from Explores not present on the dashboard by toggling the Advanced option in the filter creation flow.

  • PDTs “at a glance.”  A new At a glance section on the PDT Admin page provides critical PDT monitoring information condensed..

  • Labs features updates.  An admin user can enable the Enhanced Action Hub Service Labs feature to improve reliability and performance of the Looker Action Hub.


Tips and Tricks 💡


After a few years of working from home, our wrists can get pretty tired from the poor ergonomic setups we sometimes find ourselves in, including all the clicking! Thankfully, Looker has a whole host of keyboard shortcuts to learn to reduce the clicks - check them out! 


News, Events, and Looker Training 🗞

March 19 - What’s New In Looker (stay tuned on how to register)


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