Customer Success Newsletter - August 2021

  • 24 August 2021
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Customer Success Newsletter - August 2021
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Hello Lookers,

We have a great newsletter for you this month, please see all the amazing events at the bottom!


What’s New?

Learning Looker has been reimagined with the new platform Looker Connect, currently in public preview. Now your users can learn all about Looker with curated classes designed for their specific role. Access is available to all licensed Looker users. 

Latest Release Note Highlights 🎉

21.14-  Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes

  • GitHub auth change. Beginning August 13, 2021, GitHub no longer accepts account passwords to authenticate Git operations. Each user must update their Git configuration to use a personal access token. Projects configured to use a deploy key will not be affected.

  • API Explorer. Introducing the next-generation interactive API reference documentation. 

  • Forecasting. Users can extrapolate their Explore data to predict future results, even factoring seasonality into results. Forecasting is available for Cartesian charts and data tables, with downloadable forecasting results.

  • Enhanced Alerts. When the Enhanced Alerts Labs feature is enabled, users and admins can access additional information about alerts they own or are following. Now, most changes made to the alert’s underlying dashboard or tile will sync with alert conditions.


Tips and Tricks 💡

Don’t have any time for Lexp expressions to create table calculations? Create common calculation fields on the fly for any numeric measure or dimension using Quick Calculations! Available in the gear menu for numeric fields in your Results panel. 

News, Events, and Looker Training 🗞

August 25 Looker Onboarding Webinar

August 25 Looker Onboarding Webinar

August 25 MLB Modernizes Business Intelligence

August 31 Data Monetization Webinar With CyberGrants

September 1 Data Explorers Guild - Early Time

September 1 Data Explorers Guild - Late Time

September 22 Looker Onboarding Webinar EMEA

September 22 Looker Onboarding Webinar Americas

November 9-11 Join@Home

1 reply

Hey Lesley, 

Super excited to hear about forecasting in the new Looker newsletter! A lot of companies have asked me about Looker’s ability to help with data predictions so they can become more proactive instead of reactive! 

Can’t wait to see the unique ways Looker customers will implement this feature!