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Customer Success Newsletter - April 2021

  • 28 April 2021
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Customer Success Newsletter - April 2021
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Hi Lookers,

Happy Spring! We have lots of exciting events coming up as well as our 21.6 release highlights! 


Looker News and Events


Join the Early Access Community! 

Are you interested in trying out the latest Looker features before the general population? If so, please join our Early Access Community. By signing up, you’ll join the 110+ companies who’ve moved to the front of Looker’s deployment schedule line and:

  • Have early access to the newest Looker releases, up to two full weeks before the rest of the population. 

  • Get notified early about new features and open betas as they become available.

  • Participate in our Community Group’s Forum for discussions about Looker where we’ll be listening closely.


Latest Release Notes and Highlights

21.6- Release Highlights, Changelog, Breaking Changes

  • Unsandboxed Custom Visualizations. All Looker custom visualizations now use sandboxed iframes to promote security. Migrate existing unsandboxed visualizations using the Migrate Existing Visualizations option in the Admin panel.

  • New Users Page (Beta) in Labs. The redesigned user list page has an improved and easier-to-use interface. It is more performant, supporting pagination and providing better performance for customers with large numbers of users, groups, and roles.

  • Metadata Sidebar. Now generally available, the metadata sidebar in the Looker IDE gives modelers insight into the relationship of objects (fields, views, and models) throughout projects. 

  • Incremental PDTs. When the Incremental PDTs Labs feature is enabled, Looker will build persistent derived tables (PDTs) in increments rather than rebuilding the entire PDT every time. Building a PDT in increments can lead to faster build times 

and less strain on your database. Check out more on the attached PDF on leveraging Incremental PDTs and Aggregate Awareness to improve performance.


Tips and Tricks

From the new Looker Community Kitchen Table

What kinds of named value formats can I use?

This Doc has the defaults. With named_value_format, you can provide Looker with any excel style formatting you want. Here's the Doc that shows how to set them up and some standard excel style formats. 

Tip: At this time, date formatting, color formatting, and hexadecimal conversion AREN'T supported in Looker.


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Thank you,

Your Looker Customer Success Team

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